Wednesday, 28 September 2016

What to Wear on Weekend?

Weekend is coming, have you prepared a slay outfit? ;)

Weekend usually packed in hang outs, night out with besties, or a date. Shopping and gorceries might included! In such many activities like that, we have to manage to always look weekend ready. Not too plain, but still have the stylish side. This outfit is perfect for almost every occasion in weekend. Whether you are having fun or working, go to cinemas, have a fancy dinner, afternoon tea and snacks, the list goes on.

Black outfit never goes wrong! I added this geometric legging to add instant playful look onto my outfit. It is simply because i feel like it is too mainstream and plain if it is just a black outfit. FYI, i had this leggings for almost.... 4 years! Hahaha, talk about mix and match! We don't always buy new things to make ourselves look fashionable. We can rewear and restyle them!

Comfortable heels is a must. When at the day you wanna go shopping or casually hang out with friends, this black outfit will work. When you wanna continue to the night out.. Just take off the hat and put on red lipstick and a purse! If you feel more dress up, just add on a smokey eye make up. Instant ready, this outfit is very easy to pull!

My tips for picking up black top: go for the unique one. Either play with the textures or the cutting. It makes your outfit less plain and less boring too. I love the sheer part of my top, it goes very flowy and light as i walk through. Instant drama whenever i step into a room ;)

I always add a unique and feminine touch, so i added this unique chain necklace from Environmental Jewelry. It is made from rice!!! How cool is that! Proud to wear Indonesian local brands.

Add a hat for more edgy and stylish look :)

Keep it casual and always add your personality into your outfit. Your confidence will also help you feel better and more bautiful. Just relax, get dress up and be happy! Life supposed to be enjoyed, too blessed to be stressed.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead loves!

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