Monday, 12 September 2016

Invited as a Speaker at Invasion Start Up School by Bong Chandra

Hello friends!

I am very honored to be invited as one of the Coach for Invasion Start Up School by Bong Chandra, along with my fellow talented friends! This event was held on Saturday, 28 August 2015. So happy to inspire and sharing my journey in business with my friends here!!

I always say that being an Entrepreneur takes courage. We gotta have an entrepreneurial mindset, which is on fire, persistent, discipline, tough, and creative. Although some things are difficult, but it's not impossible thing to do.

Being an Entrepreneur at young age takes efforts, but also joy! Beccause i am still young, i don't need to be afraid of risks. Risks are there, there will always be risks, but it is better to nail them rather not taking it. I started my business in fashion because i love fashion. Simply because i love styling so much. I wanna dress up women to be pretty, good looking and feel confident. The beauty purpose is how a woman can feel beautiful in herself, ready to conquer the world. Fashion is involved a lot in confidence.

To Steven, my partner in almost everything! Thank you for your endless support and love! Thank you for believing in me and push me to do better. You are also willing to help and share new ideas. Thought things, brighten up my days, love me and.... photograph all these photos hahahaha! So alive to be able to spend days with you!

With Kalin (left) and Rindang (middle), my girlfriends with strong mindset and persistence. They are also the Coach for this class teaching about start up and businesses. I can say that these girls are powerful, i learn a lot every time i meet them. They are just enchanting, the beauty sparks out every time they speak, act and do. I am a fan of them!

Especially to all of the girls here.. They are my constant supporter! The woman in the far left is Ci Kristin, who always support me from the beginning of my business journey. When others are not there, she's there! She is my role model, my advisor and my life mentor. Marsela and Retha are also the ones who keep buying AmyGo's items, promote it and wear it proudly, hahaha LOL! Love you all! Thank you for being my friends!

I said:

We always have choice to choose between the fine thin line: being optimistic, or being pessimistic. I just wanna go to the first choice!"

It's true. We are the one who limit ourselves to do awesome things. We limit our capacity, in our own cup, not by God's cup. We keep on traping ourselves saying "i can't" rather than "i can". Of course i wanna be can! So let's just start to be able to say "I Can!!" ;)

Thelma Aruana Kisela

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