Sunday, 24 May 2015

Success Young Generation

Hope everything is doing well! I clearly realized that as young generaion, leave your sadness! Should be happy in every way because the grace and blessings we accept is more than enough. i frequently think that many of relatives of mine don't know what they are doing. They also go very slow to reach their dreams, even they dn't even know what to achieve. In fact, there are soooooo many hobbies or things we can do as young people. Find your passion. No matter how tired you are, as long as you do it with passion, you will never feel tired at all. Or simply you can analyze and look inside you: what are the things i completely fall in love with? What things i do until i forget the time runs so fast? Identify and find your passion! :)

So this passion- searching should be driven with the right reasons You can have many reasons. For example, you wan't to be a success person to make your parents proud. You wan't to be success to prove yourself that you are able. You wan't to be success to make your life meaningful, to be a blessing for others. You wan't to be success because you think you must be a success person.

No matter what your reasons are, be still and consistent! Success won't come if you just seat calmly there in your cozy bedroom and doing nothing. Success even won't come if you can't  manage yourself and make disciplines. Success won't also come if you are still doing wrong on your daily activities. God knows when you are able. God sees, whether have you worked hard enough or not? If He thinks you are not crazy enough to work hard as you really wanted the dreams to come true, the dreams won't come true.

Why i post so many flowers in this blogpost? Simply i love flowers :p For me, flowers are beautiful, they grow beautifully and spread good vibes. They seek minerals deep in the soil to make them stay strong and grow. That is exactly what we should do! We need to seek, we need to find the passion. we need to seek good minerals that is good for us. In this case those would be good friends thatsupoort you, find community that you can grow, read good books and so on. When you seek and find the great minerals, you will grow and be beautiful (also read: excellent). Your input= your output. You can never expect to have a positive life when you don't even fill youself with positive vibes.

Lovely photos took by boyfriend, it's great right? :) I do suggest to visit his blog ( He has great taste on photography and composition. His photos are interesting in great tones! :) In this post i just involve in writing and capture the flowers ;p

Stay bold and be known! Let your life be meaningful. There are so many people out there that is not lucky enough like us. Be grateful for what you had but you still need to seek: "What more i can do for me or my family or my neighborhood or society?" Let's start a positive and and meaningfull life! :)

HSBC National Business Case Competition

Hi all!

I wanna share the experience for joining HSBC National Business Case Competition last March! Me and my friends: Nerissa, Johanna and Wren was chosen to represent our campus Universitas Pelita Harapan- Karawaci. So happy we could win the 2nd Runner Up (3rd Place) while at the 1st position is Binus International University and the 2nd place is Prasetya mulya BSD Campus. Johanna, Wren and I is from Management 2013 and Nerissa is from Accounting 2012. The competition was held at Binus Senayan (preliminary round) and for the grand final was held on Merchantile Athletic Building, World Trade Centre Sudirman (HSBC Building).

Left- right: Wren, Thelma, Nerissa, Johanna


Me and Johanna

Me and Nerissa

Me and Wren

We never thought we could enter the final! Simply because: first, Wren and i haven't done such an academic national competition so far. Yet, this is a business case competition. We need to find the core problems and propose the best solution we can offer. Second, we clearly didn't know what we should do when we get the paper. Since this is a very first time for all of us, we found this competition is tough! We got mentor whom was a former participant for the lasy year HSBC National Business Case Competition. He is Saagar, he was our senior at UPH too :) He gave us really great testimony and things need to do. Third, the date of the competition fell right away after our campus final exam finished. The exam finished on Friday, and the competition was on Saturday. So we did not even prepare anything! All of our focuses and time and energy were given to the final exam. So we feel like we could not win this. Our preparation was so little, we do not have enough time to brainstorm and discuss.

There are 8 participants from national wide well known univeristies, such as Universitas Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Trisakti School of Management, Universitas Maranatha, Prasetya Mulya, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Binus National University and Binus International University. The preliminary round was conducted to choose TOP 3. The TOP 3 will compete again in the grand final.

During the preliminary round, we are the first participant that came in to the quarantine room. At the quarantine room, we were not allowed to bring anything, even a pen. This competition takes 2,5 hours to read the casem brainstorm, decide and immediately put our ideas on OHP mika paper. We may present our idea through OHP, not a power point. This made the judges can analyze the way we think, the flow of our thoughts through steps written on the paper (can't be erased!).

Next stage, we entered the judges room. There were 6 judges both national and international experts in business. I forgot all the names of the judges, only remember a few. They were all really charismatic and looked really impressive! So, we began to present our ideas. After we finished, it's time to face the questions and answer it the best we could. The questions were all really really tough, we frequently need to dig our brain hahaha. We even felt a bit ridiculous! So for one more time, we are so sure we wouldn't enter the grand final. Preliminary round has finished, we were so relieved as our tension and pressure (i guess) were soooo high in the judging room.

Stated below our judges (Datas taken fr4om

Name Business Position
1 Eric Mercer Mercer Head of Transformation and Organization Performance
2 Nazly Siregar Deloitte Partner tax
3 Yosphin E Dewi Risco Energy Chief Finance Officer
4 Peter Meyer Governor American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia
5 Fung Fuk Lestario Rupawa Chief Executive Officer and Founder
6 Cornelius Poelman PwC Partner
7 Suwandi HSBC SVP Commercial Banking
8 Delia Melissa HSBC SVP Trade Finance
9 Candra Chayadi Eastern Illinois University

 Us before the preliminary round

With all of the participants and the judges after the announcement of TOP 3 

With our Mentor from Binus, Tasya

We also joined the seminars before the preliminary round begins. it was on FX Lifestyle Centre sudirman, and the seminar was weld on a cinema. Couldn't be more cool! ;p All of the speakers are also very excellent business man, they take charge in their aspects. There was the CEO and Founder of, a very energetic young lady who has passion in digital website and e-commerce. We got inspired a lot from all of the speakers.

At the HSBC competition final round, we also repeat the same steps in the competition. 2,5 hours in the quarantine room and 20 minutes presenting time in front of the judges. For the grand final, we are allowed to invite 5 persons to be our supporters. My mom also came, thanks mom for the support! <3 We also accompanied by our lovely mentors Mrs. Ritha and Ms. Patricia (my lecturer in UPH). After explained our ideas and answered the questions, we have to wait other participants in the quarantine room. After all were finished, we were allowed to enter the dining room. They've set a mini gala dinner. The food was very delicious!

when the time came up to the announcement, they announced UPH as the 2nd Runer Up (third place)! We are beyond happy and grateful. We are not disappointed at all for not becoming the 1st champion, because what we received was so much more than becoming in the 1st place! Even we could enter the grand final, it was still VERY SURREAL for us.

Above all, i thank God for His kindness. We are VERY SURE this is not our work. It's God's. It was really seem impossible to get through this competition and even win the third place. God's involvement was really there. We realized, before the competition begin, we prayed and surrendered all things might happen, but we still need to work hard for this. Indeed, Let we do the best and God do the rest.

Thank You Lord! <3

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Dress the Summer Vibe

Hello! I realized for the lack of blog posts this last 2 months, been having a very hectic schedule during it! I'm preparing a new collection at AmyGo, sure it is with high quality material and great workmanship. The new collection is fresh, young and you can feel summer energy in the prints!

There are 4 pretty colors: Deep black, Willow Green, Yellow and mint green. I am wearing min green color in this blogpost! Full collection can be seen on @amygostore Instagram.

I am so excited to run online clothing business. Since i love fashion very much, i also love styling and designing. If i am not an entrepreneur today, i would be a fashion stylist! I love arranging fashion shoots, lookbook concept, make- up theme and so on. I guess i have an art blood ;) Yet, it is very lovely to un a business that suits the passion. Thank's God i've found mine!

I enjoy hectic weeks and busy days. in fact, i hate the moments if i ended up at home doing nothing. I feel guilty and if i am not productive. I must gain or result something! I guess i'm a bit workaholic... Well I should stop. But again, since this is the passion, i can't even stop thinking about this. My brain keeps on working and i enjoy it! I don't feel tired at all. Hope these clothes can bring you the satisfaction and a great feeling wearing clothes!

I'll post more on blog. I love writing and beautiful photos as well! ;)

All pictures were taken by my brother: Gary Aruana Kisela