Thursday, 25 August 2016

How to Rock Mullet Dress

Hi friends!

Ever know mullet skirt/ dress before? ;) It is a clothing with the front part shorter than the back. I simply say it is a twist, showing everyone the legs. I personally love this mullet dress from VARRA (Instagram: @varraofficial) because it is stunning with the geometrical prints and cute bow in front. It is already lavish, no extra accessories needed. Let the prints do the talk :)

The most awesome is, the dress is backless, instant sexy and glam wearing this piece. You gonna be a head turner when you walk across! When your mullet dress is already be a statement, keep the rest simple. I let my hair go straight, adding a black sling bag and dressed my feet with pointy heels. 

The fabric is soft and light.. As i walk and move, it swings gracefully and boosting up my confidence level. Clearly because i feel like a powerful woman in this dress! Bold, strong, sexy and smart.

Geometrical Mullet Dress - VARRA
Pointy Heels - Bershka
Black Sling Bag - Charles & Keith

When it comes to show up my legs, my favorite is to go with lace up heels or pointy heels. Not just they create longer looking legs, but they make your feet look leaner, taller, sexier. Yet, the mullet dress will also make the statement with a help of great pair of shoes. 

Now you are ready to work the mullet dress! Even my mom loves it too as she wore it to the wedding ;p Hop over to Instagram @varraofficial to find more awesome clothing and dresses!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Scrub Inc: Natural Coffe Body Scrub

Hi everyone!

Just gave a try for Scrub Inc (Instagram: @scrubinc) natural coffee body scrub, home made and fresh! I am not into scrubbing kind of girl, but when i tried the scrub.. It is exceptional. Usually, what i dont like from body scrubbing is the feeling of too greasy, slippery on my skin, so it left me the whole day feeling like i haven't washed away the soap clearly!

Turned out, the scrub here is very easy to be washed away. What i love the most is, we don't need to wait minutes doing nothing sitting on the toilet until the scrub is 'absorbed' to the skin, just like another usual scrub!! Coffee body scrub from Scrub Inc lets us immediately wash out all the scrubs on our body. 

Coffee Body Scrub- before i drop the water

Just drop a little amount of water, so the scrub will not be too soft. The function of the scrub should make your skin feel smooth and clean, that's why, you don't need to put too much water! I dropped 1 teaspoon of water here, stir it all around and swipe it all over my skin, and started to scrub!

Loving the texture and the smell as well! It left my skin smooth, clean and not greasy, but still feeling beautiful because i feel like i have treated my body well. Scrub Inc is very recommended!!

Follow Scrub Inc on Instagram: @scrubinc to view more daily updates and the complete informations too!!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Silverish Blue Casual Kebaya

Hello again friends!
This is my first post on August. Sorry for a long hiatus, i finally have submitted my final thesis paper!! The journey hasn't ended yet, because i'm waiting for my thesis defense schedule to be out. So now i am on a short holiday at my home, keeping myself busy with working and.. blogging!!

I am preparing AmyGo New Arrival to be out this week.. and been crazily busy!! Barely got no time for business when you are on thesis.. But thank you God for making me able, because You are able! So excited to reveal the whole collection. Stay tune on! ;)

I love wearing Kebaya, that's why i created this modern shape of Kutubaru Kebaya. I am wearing the newest color, it's silverish blue, so pretty! Paired mine with powder blue lace skirt from the previous collection too!

The pearl brooch adds instant elegance, while still being chic. When it comes to elegance, i always opt simplicity. This pair of white block heels is great to compliment the outfit! It is modern, sleek and simple. Let the Kebaya make the statement!

The flare silhouette of the Kebaya blouse is also playful and cute. Versatile for daily wear with jeans, and simply chic enough to go on formal occasion. I am terrified and thrilled that all colors of this Kutubaru Kebaya is sold out- more than 400 pcs already. Thank you, thank you so much beloved customers!

What do you think about my outfit?;) Don't forget to comment below and follow me on Instagram @thelmakisela to view more daily updates and outfits!