Monday, 31 August 2015

Sale Stock Indonesia Lunch and Wine Pairing at Gastromaquia

Last week, i got invited from a friend of mine, Lucky Oetama and Sonya to come along to Sale Stock Indonesia event at Gastromaquia. for those who don't know yet, Sale Stock is an online fashion shop base in Indonesia that sells varieties of pretty clothes with super affordable price and great quality. Their tagline is "Baju Cantik, Harga Jujur, Kualitas Mall" or in English: "Pretty clothes, honest price, Mall- product Quality" interesting right? Read below to find out more! ;)

Me, Sonya and Ci Ines with the friendly crew from Sale Stock Indonesia 

Whoopss! A photographer caught us did selfies! ;p

Did a little chit chat about e-commerce with the CEO of Sale Stock Indonesia, Mr. Lingga! He is beyond friendly and awesome!

Sale stock itself comes up in Mr Lingga's mind when he saw a lot of fashion shops or brands (international/ domestic) sells variety  of clothes with a very high price, it reaches the double profit from its production cost. Mr Lingga wanted to make woman in Indonesia can shop clothes for being prettily dress- up without having trouble in their financial. That's why, he created Sale Stock Indonesia who provides a wide range of woman's wear product with very cheap and affordable price. Don't worry about the quality! He said. Not sure? You can prove it and direct click this link: to check out! You can easily browse the products through the category. They have almost everything: jumpsuits, dresses, pretty tops and bottoms, even bags and sandls, you name it!

OHHHH almost forgot to tell you this exciting news! All purchases made in Sale Stock is include shipping delivery cost! What could be more awesome than that?? You can just easily pick up your favorite clothings without worrying ended up the final bill come out with higher amount of money you should pay. Double yayness for online shoppers! *wink*;)

That tempting oxtail. YUM! 

We began to eat our lunch. Gastromaquias provides delish food and yummy desserts. I chose vanilla panacotta for my dessert! Unfortunately, i forgot to take all of the food pictures. Too hungry that time, i admit, LOL.
They also have wine, so i chose re wine instead. The food was also nice, it makes me full but not making me bloating. The waitress were all nice!

The event continued with pretty models modelling fashionable clothes. Each of the guest were asked to write down our estimate price on a card given for the clothes the model's wearing. There was time when a model wears a cape blouse, most of the guests thought it will be cost at IDR 100,000 or more, but the truth is:.............. It costs only IDR 89,000,-! Whoaa, what a surprise reaction we got!  Way to go, Sale Stock Indonesia!

The event was so nicely packed, all of the crews were so humble and cheerful, i felt heart- warmed! Did you know that the customer service at Sale Stock Indonesia is ONLINE 24 hours?? Another great point to shop there, right? I remember the Zappos way to treat their customers. I am sure that Sale Stock Indonesia will be as success as Zappos! Their customer service is very fast, smart and very professional!

Wine, anyone? :)

We also meet new friends! Pretty ladies, Ci Ines and Ci Jessica Patricia. They are so likely-Korean! Pretty, stylish and friendly. I'm a fan <3<3
 Pictures below was taken during the golden hour. The sun was shining so bright! Love it anyway ;)


Bumped into each other, say Hi to Kak Ditya (@metharani), Kak Catherine (@catherinesumitri) and Kak Maria Karina (@mariakarinaa)! They are all so pretty and friendly, they have awesome Instagram feed about fashion, outfit, food, lifestyle, travel and more!

At last but not least, mandatory #OOTD pictures fully loaded in the camera, hahaha.

- Unbranded long sheer blazer, stripe tank and skirt -
- New Look Block Heels -
- Charles & Keith Medium Hobo Bag  -

Me and Kak Arni, She's so awesome! She has a fashion manufacturer as her business. I always adore woman entrepreneur!

And of course with Sonya! <3<3<3

Thank you Sale Stock Indonesia for the lunch and kind invitation! I do hope that Sale Stock will be woman's favorite online shopping destination! With such a great ideas and concepts like that, i am sure that Sale Stock Indonesia will grow bigger and better too. Wish you succes Sale Stock Indonesia!

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All photos were taken by me and Sonya
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Have a nice day everyone! xx

Guest Speaker at Friends of Merry Riana: Komunitas MRCA by Merry Riana

Hello everyone! I was so honored to be the first guest speaker in Merry Riana Radio Talk show with Komunitas MRCA in Heartline FM Radio. I was invited by a friend of mine, Rindang, to be the guest speaker to talk about business and how can i be grateful in everything. The talkshow was on Monday, 27th July 2015, started on 17.00 PM, so i ran out from campus right away after finished the class to fit in the schedule! Hahaha.. It's better late than never, so i decided to still write this entry! ;)

The script was prepared by the radio crew, but in fact, we didn't really stick to the script, we enjoyed our time during the talkshow and the discussion flow nicely!We also got lovely feedback question from dear listener from Heartline FM Radio.

With Mr. Charles, our host that day. He is very friendly and have a nice way of talking, i surely adore radio host profession! They can play with attractive words and help us to communicate better. In this talk show, i shared my business experience with my double profession as a college student; how i maintain my business without failing my study. Well, i don;t say it's easy! It's very challenging, which i like challenges. I gave tips that the key is about priority. You just need to manage your time and your top priorities. I put my study first, the second is family and the third is business. Next, i can go for hobbies, leisure, etc.

In this talk show, i stated that in every aspects and things we do, we must be GRATEFUL. Why? I confessed there that i am nothing without God, that He is the one who makes me ABLE to do such things. I learned not to complain when the situation is hard, therefore in every situation we have to be grateful because every day is a good day. god doesn't want us to be or in the bad day, He just tested us.

Grateful is really in the business. When your sales are high, you feel grateful. When the sales are reaaalllyyyyy low, you should also be grateful. Grateful isn't about a feeling when you feel loved/ succeed/ happy, but it is how you appreciate all efforts you made along the journey with its ups and downs and you can still smile and happily thank God. Without being grateful, you won't be able to see things wonderful, you will ended up being so unsatisfied.

The talk show began...............

With our co- host of the day, Mbak Frenty!

Did i mention 'we'? YES! I was not alone during the show, there were Natashia and Melisa from the Komunitas MRCA (Merry Riana Campus Ambassador) who explained what is MRCA and gave the testimony about joining this program. By the way, Komunitas MRCA is a young community formed by Asia's woman entrepreneur and motivator, Ms Merry Riana and her husband Mr. Alva. They created this community to choose 60 best college student in Indonesia to be thought and intensively trained by them without no charge at all. Ms Merry and Mr Alva do hope that these 60 young people to do activities that aims to make positive impact to 1 million people all over Indonesia.

Clearly we know that Ms Merry Riana and Mr Alva put much effort for our beloved country. They are an example we young people should follow: that being a success person is not about rich or all about money, but how you appreciate life and become blessings for others, at least we can make IMPACT to others. For now on, through this post i also encourage whoever reads this entry, yes YOU, let's make changes for our country start by ourself.

We can begin in simplest way we can. We started to join competitions, started to learn how to be in organization. Make social programs, charity campaign. Simply you also can start a good habit such as reading books and interact with the experts/ guru to study more about your passion. Try your very best to make your God proud, yourself, your family and your nation. Let's be a blessing!

Thank you Komunitas MRCA for the invitation as your guest speaker, i enjoyed the time very much! I do hope the listeners feel happy and inspired with my little experience in business. I believe there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there whose much more expert than me, all of you also must learn from them too! Absorb their strategy and ways to achieve success. I really do hope and will try my best to be a great entrepreneur; i'm just a newbie, i need to learn so much things! 

Cheers! Let's make Indonesia better and better!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Healthy & Yummy: 3 Fruits in a Juice

Hi everyone! Last post, i talked about some health issues. As my promise to myself i want to keep myself healthy by eating right, i am commited to start it more routine! Just started with a very simple step: making a healthy juice for me and family. I do hope you guys doing well! Hope you all stays fit and healthy, and of course happy! In this post, i wanna share my usual juice recipe which i like very much.

First, you gonna need:
- Knife
- A Juicer
- Sugar (2 table teaspoon)
- Mineral water (1,5 normal-sized drinking glass)

And the fruits are...

1. Berries! Look at that bright red color. Natural at its best.
I usually put my berries in the freezer, it is better to keep them in a freezer so they can stay longer and you can enjoy drinking it cold.

2. Papaya

3. Stawberries

Some of you may not like the taste of the papaya, because for some people, papayas are a bit stinks? I love papaya, i don't have any problem at all eating it. Oh well, in order to be healthy, you don't always eat and swallow your favorite food right? I mean, sometimes you have to swallow the one you don't like either! That's why i'm sharing my recipe of fruit mixing, so the papaya wouldn't taste awful for you non- papaya lover! Hope you can try this ;)

1. Cut the papaya in a cube size
2. Wash the berries and strawberries with clean water. Make sure to wash them clean, we don't know if there is some amount of pesticide on it.. Just be aware!
3. Put the fruits together in a juicer, add the water
4. You can add small amount of sugar if you like, but don't be too much! Remember, to much sugar leads you to diabetes and fat.
5. Start to blend your juice until its done and looking smooth.
6. Serve

If you'd love to, you can try to add some condensed milk, without sugar. The taste would be nice, it adds some sweet flavor. Anyway, sugar is also important for our body. We need energy! So, no need to be afraid of consuming sugar if you eat healthy, sleep well and do exercises!
It's so easy right? You don't really need much effort by making this. Drinking juice is one of the simplest thing to do. Yet, it is so yummy and healthy atthe same time. When you drink juice, you can feel like you are refreshed!

Do you know that berries are good for skin and digestive system? Berries contain high minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It is also an antioxidant for our body. Oh! You can also whiten up your teeth by using strawberries! Simply cut the strawberry into 2 pieces, rub it over your teeth back and forth after you finished brushing your teeth. Do it for 1-2 weeks and see the result! You can also take picture before- after so you can compare. This works on me! Welcome, bright smile!

Papaya is also a miracle. It is good for digestive system, ashma prevention and good for diet. Papaya contains calium and vitamin to prevent the heart- sickness and maximize our imune system.It is rich with minerals, papaya is very awesome for our skin. No wonder, we can get a flawless looking skin by consuming fruits and veggies routine.

Enjoy! Hurry, you can start eating healthy NOW! ;) Please tell me your exciting story when it comes to eat healthy, or simply drop comments below :) See you on the next posts!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

In the Forrest: Leopard Pullover

Last week, I went out with my blogger friend Sonya from ;) We had our little chit chat and of course, photo time! :p We talked a lot about local brand and fashion industry. It was so fun, let's do it again sometimes!

- Leopard pullover: H&M -
- Unbranded corduroy skirt -
- Black ankle boots: H&M -
- Watch: 

So happy to wear this outfit combo! It's so comfortable and very easy to wear. Who has pull over? Almost everybody owns it! Pullover gives you warmth, it has so many cute designs made from textured/ patterned fabric as well. From girly to boyish, from comfy to dazzled- sequinned, you choose! Mine here is from H&M. LOVE!

You can also view my daily outfit and activites on my Instagram: @thelmakisela :)

I didn't plan to match this leopard pullover with the 'forrest- like' beckground, though. It was really a coincidence, haha. We can associate leopard living in the jungle, right? So that's the main reason i created this blogpost title 'In the Forrest' ;p And..... Look at my skirt! Definetely an earth tone color that match with the theme, LOL. It looks like the branches of the trees in the forrest though.

Sonya and I found this spot and we're so happy to see the result. All photos here were taken by Sonya with her camera. Thank's to you! <3

Since i have a skinny body (People always comment "You are so skinny, eat more!"), i wanna look 'fatter' in this outfit! Hahaha. I just love slouchy and grungy style, with oversized dress/ tees and still can look effortlessly stylish. I love the idea of the loose outfit itself; it is like a statement that you are "easy going" and "effortless" for being cool. No, this outfit don't really make me look fat, it just adds little volume on my body.

I don't have any food disorder, i just can't get fat. Every time i gained a little bit kgs, it will be gone quickly too! I eat 5 times a day (gosh), i never count my calories intake (i eat pizza, the dessert will be an ice cream, and at the night i still can eat martabak), i have never been into a diet. I am also not a sport/ gym enthusiast. i even don't do sport promptly, only once in a week i dance hiphop. I think this is my core family gene; my mom, dad, brother and sister also can't get fat! Consider me lucky to have that genes!

Well, my mom provides healthy food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think i eat healthy, drink a lot of water, i have positive minds, i am happy. The problem is, i never consider my food intake. I mean, the sugar/ junk food intake (since i never consider about i will gain kilos). These warn me. How about cholesterol? I might have it! How about HDL, LDL and so on? I possibly have it too!

So realized, even though i can't get fat, i must maintain my health from now by eating right. junk food, desserts, fried- food are absolutely okay, BUT i have to eat them only a little. Well, you gus should too! Health is the priority.

Lately, i love wearing big earrings. Well, i love it because they are all cute and have a lot of unique designs. I got mine ethnic this time, a boho look with a circle shape and beads on it. FYI, i got this earrings for a long time ago only for IDR 10K! ;)

One great styling tip i always remember: be confident! No one else is like you. What ever your flaws are, you just need to focus on your positive side so you can shine bright! with confidence, you surely will be stand out in fashion or anything else ;)

What do you think about this outfit? Do not hesitate to leave comments below! <3
- Thelma -