Sunday, 2 August 2015

In the Forrest: Leopard Pullover

Last week, I went out with my blogger friend Sonya from ;) We had our little chit chat and of course, photo time! :p We talked a lot about local brand and fashion industry. It was so fun, let's do it again sometimes!

- Leopard pullover: H&M -
- Unbranded corduroy skirt -
- Black ankle boots: H&M -
- Watch: 

So happy to wear this outfit combo! It's so comfortable and very easy to wear. Who has pull over? Almost everybody owns it! Pullover gives you warmth, it has so many cute designs made from textured/ patterned fabric as well. From girly to boyish, from comfy to dazzled- sequinned, you choose! Mine here is from H&M. LOVE!

You can also view my daily outfit and activites on my Instagram: @thelmakisela :)

I didn't plan to match this leopard pullover with the 'forrest- like' beckground, though. It was really a coincidence, haha. We can associate leopard living in the jungle, right? So that's the main reason i created this blogpost title 'In the Forrest' ;p And..... Look at my skirt! Definetely an earth tone color that match with the theme, LOL. It looks like the branches of the trees in the forrest though.

Sonya and I found this spot and we're so happy to see the result. All photos here were taken by Sonya with her camera. Thank's to you! <3

Since i have a skinny body (People always comment "You are so skinny, eat more!"), i wanna look 'fatter' in this outfit! Hahaha. I just love slouchy and grungy style, with oversized dress/ tees and still can look effortlessly stylish. I love the idea of the loose outfit itself; it is like a statement that you are "easy going" and "effortless" for being cool. No, this outfit don't really make me look fat, it just adds little volume on my body.

I don't have any food disorder, i just can't get fat. Every time i gained a little bit kgs, it will be gone quickly too! I eat 5 times a day (gosh), i never count my calories intake (i eat pizza, the dessert will be an ice cream, and at the night i still can eat martabak), i have never been into a diet. I am also not a sport/ gym enthusiast. i even don't do sport promptly, only once in a week i dance hiphop. I think this is my core family gene; my mom, dad, brother and sister also can't get fat! Consider me lucky to have that genes!

Well, my mom provides healthy food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think i eat healthy, drink a lot of water, i have positive minds, i am happy. The problem is, i never consider my food intake. I mean, the sugar/ junk food intake (since i never consider about i will gain kilos). These warn me. How about cholesterol? I might have it! How about HDL, LDL and so on? I possibly have it too!

So realized, even though i can't get fat, i must maintain my health from now by eating right. junk food, desserts, fried- food are absolutely okay, BUT i have to eat them only a little. Well, you gus should too! Health is the priority.

Lately, i love wearing big earrings. Well, i love it because they are all cute and have a lot of unique designs. I got mine ethnic this time, a boho look with a circle shape and beads on it. FYI, i got this earrings for a long time ago only for IDR 10K! ;)

One great styling tip i always remember: be confident! No one else is like you. What ever your flaws are, you just need to focus on your positive side so you can shine bright! with confidence, you surely will be stand out in fashion or anything else ;)

What do you think about this outfit? Do not hesitate to leave comments below! <3
- Thelma -

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