Monday, 31 August 2015

Sale Stock Indonesia Lunch and Wine Pairing at Gastromaquia

Last week, i got invited from a friend of mine, Lucky Oetama and Sonya to come along to Sale Stock Indonesia event at Gastromaquia. for those who don't know yet, Sale Stock is an online fashion shop base in Indonesia that sells varieties of pretty clothes with super affordable price and great quality. Their tagline is "Baju Cantik, Harga Jujur, Kualitas Mall" or in English: "Pretty clothes, honest price, Mall- product Quality" interesting right? Read below to find out more! ;)

Me, Sonya and Ci Ines with the friendly crew from Sale Stock Indonesia 

Whoopss! A photographer caught us did selfies! ;p

Did a little chit chat about e-commerce with the CEO of Sale Stock Indonesia, Mr. Lingga! He is beyond friendly and awesome!

Sale stock itself comes up in Mr Lingga's mind when he saw a lot of fashion shops or brands (international/ domestic) sells variety  of clothes with a very high price, it reaches the double profit from its production cost. Mr Lingga wanted to make woman in Indonesia can shop clothes for being prettily dress- up without having trouble in their financial. That's why, he created Sale Stock Indonesia who provides a wide range of woman's wear product with very cheap and affordable price. Don't worry about the quality! He said. Not sure? You can prove it and direct click this link: to check out! You can easily browse the products through the category. They have almost everything: jumpsuits, dresses, pretty tops and bottoms, even bags and sandls, you name it!

OHHHH almost forgot to tell you this exciting news! All purchases made in Sale Stock is include shipping delivery cost! What could be more awesome than that?? You can just easily pick up your favorite clothings without worrying ended up the final bill come out with higher amount of money you should pay. Double yayness for online shoppers! *wink*;)

That tempting oxtail. YUM! 

We began to eat our lunch. Gastromaquias provides delish food and yummy desserts. I chose vanilla panacotta for my dessert! Unfortunately, i forgot to take all of the food pictures. Too hungry that time, i admit, LOL.
They also have wine, so i chose re wine instead. The food was also nice, it makes me full but not making me bloating. The waitress were all nice!

The event continued with pretty models modelling fashionable clothes. Each of the guest were asked to write down our estimate price on a card given for the clothes the model's wearing. There was time when a model wears a cape blouse, most of the guests thought it will be cost at IDR 100,000 or more, but the truth is:.............. It costs only IDR 89,000,-! Whoaa, what a surprise reaction we got!  Way to go, Sale Stock Indonesia!

The event was so nicely packed, all of the crews were so humble and cheerful, i felt heart- warmed! Did you know that the customer service at Sale Stock Indonesia is ONLINE 24 hours?? Another great point to shop there, right? I remember the Zappos way to treat their customers. I am sure that Sale Stock Indonesia will be as success as Zappos! Their customer service is very fast, smart and very professional!

Wine, anyone? :)

We also meet new friends! Pretty ladies, Ci Ines and Ci Jessica Patricia. They are so likely-Korean! Pretty, stylish and friendly. I'm a fan <3<3
 Pictures below was taken during the golden hour. The sun was shining so bright! Love it anyway ;)


Bumped into each other, say Hi to Kak Ditya (@metharani), Kak Catherine (@catherinesumitri) and Kak Maria Karina (@mariakarinaa)! They are all so pretty and friendly, they have awesome Instagram feed about fashion, outfit, food, lifestyle, travel and more!

At last but not least, mandatory #OOTD pictures fully loaded in the camera, hahaha.

- Unbranded long sheer blazer, stripe tank and skirt -
- New Look Block Heels -
- Charles & Keith Medium Hobo Bag  -

Me and Kak Arni, She's so awesome! She has a fashion manufacturer as her business. I always adore woman entrepreneur!

And of course with Sonya! <3<3<3

Thank you Sale Stock Indonesia for the lunch and kind invitation! I do hope that Sale Stock will be woman's favorite online shopping destination! With such a great ideas and concepts like that, i am sure that Sale Stock Indonesia will grow bigger and better too. Wish you succes Sale Stock Indonesia!

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All photos were taken by me and Sonya
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