Sunday, 27 November 2016

(was) A Tennis Player

Hello again everyone!

Been so busy these past few weeks! I know i've saidit o many times, but really! I moved my office to a new place and i just finished to unpack all the stuffs and put it in the right places. Still not finished yet, but i'll show you guys later my new office soon! It's one of the milestone i took for my business. Moving out to a new place is exciting, but made m realize more responsibilities come after.

To make sure my body is fit and can do many things in a day, i alwayas make sure my outfit is comfortable, light and easy to be used in hot weather. Especially in Indonesia as the eather is always hot! 

I was once a tennis player! Not the professional one, but i used to play tennis during my high school year. It's so fun and burn the callories well. I  styled the stripe dress from Romwe to the tennis court. The outfit itself is very suitable if you gonna watch sports event, in a stylish way. If you're ready to play? Just go!

Get the same dress like i wear here:

It's just one click away!:)

I love to go white on white. It is suitable for hot weather, yet looking chic and light. I dressed the dress with all white ensembles. The thing i love about the dress is it has nice slit in front! The cutting is embracing  my body figure.

Knit Long Sleeve - AmyGo
Stripe White Dress- Romwe
White Oxford Shoes- Colorbox

All photos were beautifully shot by @stvnar . Thank you!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Ripped It Like Romwe

Just wanna tell you guys i am madly deeply in love with.....

This smashing uber cool ripped boyfriend jeans from! The fit is awesome, the jeans is stretch and the wash is just cool. Best ripped boyfriend jeans i've ever had! is a fashion e-commerce site with tons of stylish clothes and cool fashion items. We can shop wide range of fashion items. They are really up to date, providing us so many interesting stuffs. Shopping is always the best idea. Shopping online is always obsessive. Yes??;)
Now, you gotta click this link straight to this super cool jeans to make it yours. Don't worry! ships worldwide. It will arrive in Indonesia within 7-14 days and you are always able to pay according to your preferred way such as Paypal/ credit cards. So 

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans:
Dark navy Heels- Stradivarius
Denim Shirt- Unbranded

Paired the jeans with denim shirt that comes in different color. i wore this thin, sexy heels in dark navy blue to keep the whole outfit in one tone color. Let the ripped jeans do the talk. It is such a head turner item! No wonder's tagline is "From Runway to Realway". YES! The most important thing is we can dress up according to our personal style like we are on runway everyday, and Romwe provides a lot of the items! 

SHOP NOW GIRLS and get ready everyday like it's your own runway!

Monday, 7 November 2016

Fringe It Your Way


I Just realized that it is almost a month i don't post any article on blog! Feeling so guilty right now..
So sorry i haven't updated any post to share with you guys. These past few weeks i have been crazily busy, and so many things happen. My grandpa just passed away 3 weeks ago and the whole family missed him a lot. Grandpa is in heaven right now! We'll meet again soon grandpa!:)

Today i am wearing this unique fringe skirt from @fluffy.shoppy on Instagram. It is really cute because the fringe swings if you move. The fit is also flattering, making the body look great in shape. I paired it with my suede top i designed by myself! Dressed up in earth tone color palette is not boring at all. It has various range of colors.. Don't you agree this color combo is awesome for Fall?? :)

Beaded bracelet in same color pallette 

The skirt reminded me that i can wear this item like in the Great Gatsby era ;) Thinking about wearing lace tops with pearls, red lipstick and killer stiletto. Back to the 20s. Gotta fringe it your way girls!:)

See you on my next post! Have a nice day everyone!

Zipper Ankle Boots- VNC
Top- self designed