Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Denim x Stripes

- Ada Fashion dnim vest-
- Unbranded tank and sweatpants-
- Swatch watch-
- New Look Sunnies-
- Payless flats-

Finally, got a chance to update my blog. This outfit was taken when i went to the mall with my friend Angela. on that day, i decided to wear something comfortable, yet casual too. And this stripes tank came across my mind. At first, i just wanted to go only with the tank. But then i changed mind, i think it was good too to put a cropped denim vest as an outer :)

By the way, we took this pics in the fitting room. Sorry not sorry ;p
Wore my mom's sweatpants and a comfy flats so he shopping day wouldn't be ruined by bruises on ankle because of heels, or being too busy with skirts to maintain our good manner stting position hahaha.

I just love the color combo. Denim + black and white + neutral colors + adding some pop color like tosca. Well, i got this sling bag from an exhibition and i am forget what the brand was. Not too much accesorries, just a little touch of black beaded necklace, watch, and sunnies. 

Yay to casual <3

I wish i can get myself a high resolution camera in order to give the better quality picture. Will make some money and save them for new camera! :D and gotta pay attention to some details of the item i am wearing. Details do matters ;)

Have a nice day!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Red Turtle, Anyone?

-Unbranded Red Turleneck Top-
-Boyfriend Ripped Jeans-
-Mom's Vintage Red Belt-
-Danie Wellington Watch-
-New Look Sunnies-
-Black Pump Shoes, Payless Shoe Souce-

Hello peeps!

This was my outfit to BCSB (Bong Chandra School of Billionaires batch 1-9) reunion at Bourbon Coffee and Eatery at Mall Alam Sutera. I attended the reunion with this outfit because it is casual, comfy yet stylish too :D

Bourbon Coffee and Eatery is located at Mall Alam Sutera main lobby. It belongs to our BCSB founder, teacher and motivator, Bong Chandra. The cafe is very chic, with cozy interior and mural paintings! Also, they provide tasteful coffees and nice pastries! 
Truth to be told, Bong Chandra now is developing many projects in property, such as Brooklyn Apartment at Alam Sutera (sold within only 45 days, amazing isn't it?), Ubud Village, and now currently developing Spring Wood Residence Apartment (a very strategic property, very close to the new Binus University). Contact here 085777599443 for further information about the Spring Wood Residence.

The cafe is really worth to try, and gonna blog it soon :D

Did these outfit shots with my sister Nivelle (instagram: @artisticscribbles). She also really wants to blog about her passion about art, craft and drawings, but when she was trying to make the blog site with email and everything, she found it hard because she hasn't 17 years old yet. she told me she wanted to make video tutorial about crafts and DIY Projects. She is way too creative. she wants to blog later and i promised her i will help her make some photo shoots of her DIY. So she said, "I'm gonna help you taking some shots," :D Luckily, we are the sisters who has passion in art as well ;) Check her instagram page!

Oh anyway, i found this cute sunnies at New Look at Mall Alam Sutera. After the reunion, my eyes saw the store and *yahhhh girl's calling, hahaha* decided to take a look inside the store. Will post it later on next blogspot :)

Afternoon Stroll 

Roll the denim up Ladies!

That day, i was so bored for dressing up girlish and feminine style. So i just looked into my closet and found this pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. I like the simple ripping, not way too much. Decided to wear bright colors and red was a great idea ;) Kind of a lazy day to wear a lot of accesorries. So i just wore my watch, sunnies, earings and a basic black pump shoes. Hands down, comfiest black pump shoes from Payless! (and it was a gift from my lovely boyfriend too ;D) By the way, got this cute red turtle neck top at a very small counter at small mall here near my house. I love the idea of cheap and a very satisfying shopping experience!;D i have been always a fan of affordable clothes but with a good quality. Guess? This turtleneck was only IDR 20.000. I SWEAR hahahaha!

The most important, always wear outfits that describe your mood and yourself. Wear the most comfortable style and clothes for you. It is very fun thing to do! ;)

The jeans used to be my mom's, but she was no longer like it anymore and she made the jeans into my size. It was a wide pipe jeans, but mom turned it skinnier shape. So here it is, a little bit baggy, a little bit skinny! LOVE. <3


Friday, 1 August 2014

Shirt Dress!

Loving my shirt dress! It is actually a shirt but can be worn as a dress too! I love how this simple piece gives a shape with belt but stay in neat and classic style. i got this shirtdress somewhere in Tanah Abang ;D I always been a fan of shopping for trendy fashion outfits but in cheap price! Here, my shirt dress was below Rp.60.000,- and i forgot how much the exact price were ;)

The plaid pattern also an interesting thing to be seen, since it has bright color hue and vibrant. Big paid pattern will give some more wider effect to the thin body ;)

 -Unbranded shirtdress, Daniel Wellington watch, unbranded thin belt-

Thin belt is a must for woman. It gives shape to waist and very comfortable to wear. Also, it comes with many variety of designs, shapes, colors and materials! Got myself a nude thin belt to complete this look.
For hair, simply tied up with bobbypins and let it drop naturally. I cut my bangs to the flat bangs and all of sudden a lot of my friends said "what were you thinking THELMA?!" hahaha. It was very boring to have side swept bangs only, so i decided to make some make- over to my hair, and instant coolness! *wink;)*

Decided to pair the shirt dress with brown heeled ankle boots. I got this pair from Iconinety. You can find the store in Summarecon Mal Serpong (SMS), TangCity Mall, Emporium Pluit Mal, etc. tips for wearing ankle boots, wear it with confidence! I know some people here might think that ankle boots are usually worn when we are abroad, but hey, FASHION is the real experiment of yourself, your own runway of fashion show. ;)

Anyway, the boots elongate my legs so good and gave fresh idea for the shirtdress. The dress itself can go casually or even for formal ocassion. For formal look, just add blazer and pump heels. Voila!

And now i am currently on my study during final exam week. This third semester went very crazy with the subjects and i think i am gonna prepare myself for an excellent mark! Let's do some mre pray and more hardwork!!