Friday, 1 August 2014

Shirt Dress!

Loving my shirt dress! It is actually a shirt but can be worn as a dress too! I love how this simple piece gives a shape with belt but stay in neat and classic style. i got this shirtdress somewhere in Tanah Abang ;D I always been a fan of shopping for trendy fashion outfits but in cheap price! Here, my shirt dress was below Rp.60.000,- and i forgot how much the exact price were ;)

The plaid pattern also an interesting thing to be seen, since it has bright color hue and vibrant. Big paid pattern will give some more wider effect to the thin body ;)

 -Unbranded shirtdress, Daniel Wellington watch, unbranded thin belt-

Thin belt is a must for woman. It gives shape to waist and very comfortable to wear. Also, it comes with many variety of designs, shapes, colors and materials! Got myself a nude thin belt to complete this look.
For hair, simply tied up with bobbypins and let it drop naturally. I cut my bangs to the flat bangs and all of sudden a lot of my friends said "what were you thinking THELMA?!" hahaha. It was very boring to have side swept bangs only, so i decided to make some make- over to my hair, and instant coolness! *wink;)*

Decided to pair the shirt dress with brown heeled ankle boots. I got this pair from Iconinety. You can find the store in Summarecon Mal Serpong (SMS), TangCity Mall, Emporium Pluit Mal, etc. tips for wearing ankle boots, wear it with confidence! I know some people here might think that ankle boots are usually worn when we are abroad, but hey, FASHION is the real experiment of yourself, your own runway of fashion show. ;)

Anyway, the boots elongate my legs so good and gave fresh idea for the shirtdress. The dress itself can go casually or even for formal ocassion. For formal look, just add blazer and pump heels. Voila!

And now i am currently on my study during final exam week. This third semester went very crazy with the subjects and i think i am gonna prepare myself for an excellent mark! Let's do some mre pray and more hardwork!!

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