Monday, 21 July 2014

Love for Indonesia

So, my online fashion brand  on Instagram (@amygostore) has launched some new arrivals to celebrate this year Eid Mubarak! I launched the traditional yet modern clothes, ias seen here, it's Kebaya. I am very sure that usually, girls are incomfortable wearing Kebaya because of the tight bustier (hurts sometimes), and the material of the fabric is not really fit for the weather (silk, tulle, etc).

So i managed some of Modern Kebaya on my online fashion brand AmyGo Store to release special collections. I think this Modern Kebaya is very comfortable because the material is cotton. The collections are available in short leeve and 3/4 sleeve too. And te most important, look at the EMBROIDERY!

This kind of embroidery usually called 'Motif Kaca' because like a mirror, the embroidery contains little some glittery/ shining material when you put the Kebaya under the good light. The embroidery is also very interesting because of the motive. It has some holes in the embroidery part. Too beautiful too be true!

So, now every woman can wear their Kebaya comfortably! And by the way, this piece is included with the inner. The inner was also embroidered too! The Kebaya drops naturally and fitted the body well. It doesn't hug you really tight (so you still can breath hahaha), but it also gives you nice and polite curves to be shown.

Since i was bringing the idea or Modernization to the traditional pieces, i wore my Kebaya here with a neon pencil skirt. I was too boring to pair it with Batik bottoms, so i thought that bright colors for Kebaya is a superb idea. Loving the color tone here! To neutralize the color tone, i wore a simple black pump shoes. Heels are created to make the ladies feel more confident with their postures and outfits... And heels never fail me :D

Last, a little acessories won't hurt ;) I wore my mom's blue chandelier earings and i love it to the core. It has simple shape and light on my ears. Plus, adding my Daniel Wellington watch on my wrist.

So, are you a proud Indonesian woman? If yes, you really should have at least a pair of Kebaya. See you on next posts, will review another Kebaya!