Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Baby Blue Pastel Outfit

It's only 2 days to go to Christmas!
So excited! I'm writing this post in the middle of my hectic schedule. Sorry for the postponed post (since i had mentioned on Instagram that i was going to post tonight, but i didn't) so sorry! There are some circumstances back on those days that made me couldn't  post, so here it is!!

Decided to go light in pastel outfit. One of my favorite color is baby blue! To create pastel-ly dreamy vibes on my outfit, i matched with neutrals and white color.See, there are 3 neutral colors i wore: black, beige and white so the focus of the whole outfit is the baby blue color, plus it is from brocade material that adds instant chic ;) 

I am very, very busy these days! i know i should relax a bit, i want holiday so bad! But can't do it for now, because i'm having a year- end bazaar for AmyGo at Mal Puri Indah, jakarta Barat from 22 Dec- 3 Jan. Please do come, say hi and shop! ;D

Some people may see me ambitious or perfectionist, or may see me too hard working, but i consider myself work too much because i know, there are some times i get lazy and super unproductive. My schedule and days are fully packed, and some of my friends complained whenever i can't join them, hahaha. I know i should stop and relax, but i'm happy! I'm happy when i am productive, but i feel guilty whenever i'm laying on my bed doing nothing, so i ended up get busy again. 

Anyway, any idea where to go places for hang out and casual errands? Or maybe recommended place to a short getaway? ;D

All photos were taken by: Dinan, thank you! 

With SonyaKiki :D 

I also took a picture with my new friend Yoga, but sadly somehow the picture is gone! ;'(

I'll tell more stories what i've been doing these days, so keep updated and stay tune. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram +Thelma Aruana Kisela and see you on the next post! :)

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Geometric Shift Dress

How's your day everyone? It's already in the mid of December, Christmas is coming!! One thing for sure, it's almost 2016. Whew, 2015 has been very dynamic year for me, and i hope i can do better in 2016! Guys, do remember that every day is a gift from God. If you are alive now, it means God has plans for you to accomplish! It means you have to do something from the very best of you, give back your talents to God!

Picked myself this lovely geometric shift dress from Dorothy Perkins Indonesia latest collection. This dress is beyond comfy. I thought that this item's gonna make me look older, i don't usually wear maroon color. Turned out that this dress is very, very chic! Without looking older, i can still keep myself look simple and neat in this dress. Not to mention the fabric too, so comfy, perfect for humid weather in town. The fitting drops nicely on my body, light weight and even has a little  'body- hugging' effect. It's stretch!! This dress is from their new arrival Style Heroes. Go grab yours, while it's still available on stores! Every lady needs at least great shift dresses because this type of dress is just very simple to be worn with almost anything.

The color is also nice for this Christmas!

I had this blog since i was in junior high school. At first, it's just for my platform to share and keep my datas or photos. Since then, i began to love writing! I think, writing makes my language ability grows better and i can create concept or story nicely. Plus, i am more a right- brain sided, so i came from an artsy background. I really really love to paint, draw, i love to make DIY projects. I made my own clothings, pencil case, and so on. I love to take pictures, but also love to be captured. But for some reasons during my teen (especially school makes me very busy so i can't make my time writing on blog), this blog somehow were left behind. I started to write and be productive again at my end of senior high school.

When i took my fashion style, or simply OOTD photos, some of my friends teased me. It's not a direct tease, but it's more like a pout to me. They somehow say some sentences similar like: "Boo, fashion blogger," or "OOTD shots" or "Model photoshoot" but with a mocking sound in their voice. I didn't clearly hear what they actually say, these are only some responses i remember. I regret. At first they made me stop blogging. So i ended up paying attention to what they say, i didn't follow my heart. It's what happened during my teenage. I gues sthis is really a subtle bullying. I'll tell you more stories about bullying later on next posts! :)

Then suddenly i realized! They are not living my dreams, and they are not in charge of my own activity and happiness. So i continued my blog and i don't care what people say about me, because i found myself really happy when i blog. I don't do criminals; i'm doing good and creative in my blog. So why would i be ashamed or in doubt? 

Up until now, i frequently received some mock subtly. Example, it happened when i was going to an event- an invitation from a company to bloggers. I went to the class first to finish my exam, but simply because i'm going to attend an event, i dresed up nicely and neat to the college that day. It's not eye- catching outfit to make people stares, but neat enough. I was wearing a black jumpsuit with a belt, flat shoes and carried handbag. It's normal. But then one of my good friend asked me: "Wow, you look incredibly neat and nice!" i know it's sincere. Then, my other friend (not so close friend, rarely talk at class) responded: "Of course, fashion blogger". Seems nothing wrong with this sentence right? But the way she said that sentence is not sincere; i heared mocking inside her voice. I know i can't really descrive voice here in words, but you just know when someone is mocking at you, right? ;) Starngely, i found she always likes my pictures on my Instagram. Hahaha, so cliche.

It's not just her, there are a lot. She's not a hater of mine, but i guess she's just felt insecure, or probably jealous. I'm telling this story is not to talking about someone, but the highlight is: Don't be like the teenager me! Pursue your dreams, keep doing what you're good at. No matter how people will say about you, just keep going, chinn up and be bold. It's what i'm doing now. It's not a show off, but it's my responsibility to build up my character and capabilities through my talents and passion. I will blog and no one's gonna stop me, because i love to make some work.

And for those who always mock; remember, you don't even grow higher if you keep on mocking or find other's mistakes. Just be the best version of you, until you don't have time to spying someone just to find their mistakes. Be better every day, and let's be a productive person. Cheers!

See you guys on my next post! :)
XO- Thelma Kisela
All photos were taken by: Steven

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Outfit Inspiration


Hi Guys! I just browsed some Christmas outfit ideas, and ended up playing Polyvore to create looks and releasing my creativity, hahaha. I wish every items here were mine! I'm drooling now. For me, Christmas has always been very magical. It is the day when the Savior was born! Yeay, let's spread happiness around and be the blessing for others!

Above is my styling for Christmas lunch or going out for some casual errands with friends. Since i live in Indonesia, an outfit like this would be perfect to beat such heat, but warm enough to protect from the night cold. I think, ripped jeans can give some casual feel on your whole look, but you can also add some bling touch such as earrings and polished nails.

Christmas 2

I would love to have this whole outfit at more girly event. This outfit is appropriate to show some elegance in more cheerful way. Wear prints and bright colors to be stand out, keep the rest neutrals and simple. Show a bit of your shoulder, and balance it with the midi length of the skirt. Being sexy doesn't mean you have to show all of your skin!

This can be worn either day or night. Most of all, keep them comfortable for you! Fashion shouldn't make you become someone else just to impress another.

I love nude in my outfit! Well, it is simply because i also love neutrals. Neutrals tone down your whole look, simply sophisticated without looking extra effort. I picked basic items here, such as white tank, pinkish- peach blazer and gold accesories. That Chloe bag is something1 It's flap is made from leather. What an eye candy! You can still look stunning on your Christmas eve with this outfit combination. It is very church- appropriate outfit, i think :) Thoughts?

I am going to make more stylings too in this blog! Tell me what do you think about all of these, i would really love to hear from all of you! Merry eraly Christmas everyone!

Thelma Kisela

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Zalora Indonesia: HARBOLNAS (Hari Belanja Online Nasional)

Hello Ladies! I wanna ask you a question: have you encountered online shopping?
How does it felt? Or, do you have some opinion in mind?

Shopping nowadays gets easier and way interactive. Online shopping isn't that scary anymore, it is a very common way to shop these days. I personally love online shopping! As someone said, "I'd like to buy my things online. Because when they arrived, it is like receiving a gift for me, from me" Hahaha this quote is really explaining the situation of online shopping! Well, the main reason why i love to because i don't  have to spend my time wandering around the big stores/ mall just to find stuffs i need. Online shopping is enjoyable, you can just sit down, lay down, relaxing on your bad and all you gonna do is just click and click. Efficient!

Perhaps, there are some people who doubted online shopping. "I can't see the desired items directly", "I need to be very sure before i make purchase", "What if i got cheated by the seller?", "I doubt the pictures here will  be same with the real item". These statements frequently heared by us, and some of you may be very insecure doing online shopping.

Well... Worry no more! I bet you will never such statements if you shop at ZALORA. Pssst, do you know that Indonesia is going to celebrate National Online Shopping Day (HARBOLNAS) on Dec 12th?? It is the day where online seller or online stores give awesome sale and crazy discounts!! Oh my, when i heard the news, my brain immediately tells myself to save up more until the day come to shop!

Zalora will be a very great and comfortable online shopping destination for you. They provide wide range of apparel for man and woman, complete various product such a bottoms, outerwear, shoes, etc. The web store itself is very user friendly. If this is your first time do online shopping, you can click the FAQ and learn the process by simply click the menu bar at the bottom of the web page. All you gonna do is just register first and click your desired item to be added to the cart/ basket as your first step ;) Zalora also use the trusted expedition, has their own courier and they also ship nationwide. They also accept COD (cash on delivery) and they accept payment via PayPal or credit cards. Very easy, right?


Of course we all know we must spend our money wisely. We also know we must be smart shopper. I'd love to use this chance to shop wisely and i am thankful ZALORA Indonesia is celebrating HARBOLNAS too! Use this chance to shop smartly and to have fun! :D Zalora has been my favorite shopping destination because of their products and selected brand inside. Zalora only put the best brands to be with them to make sure you have the best price with high quality products too.

I can't wait for that day to come!!! ;p

Outfit from: AmyGo

Have a fun shopping at ZALORA! Don't forget to share your wishlist below or leave comments! Plus, don't miss the discount euphoria and happy shopping! ;)