Sunday, 29 May 2016

Loose Pieces

I think, woman is a very strong human kind. Maybe not physically, but more mentally. I'm talking about it in general, when i always find strong women around me. For me, being a woman is very special! It is such a blessing from God. Back then when Indonesia has woman emancipation issue, RA. Kartini, a very powerful hero started to do what she needed to do. She stood strong defending woman's rights, that each every of us deserves the same treatment as the opposite gender. we deserves to get education, knowledge and the same human rights. 

To be good is not enough, you gotta be awesome and super great! We should make ourselves capable. We have given talents by God, all we gonna do is grateful and be responsible doing the talents. So, we can give great impact in our society.

Do whatever you're passionate about, positively.

Sometimes it's really great to dress up in loose pieces. Relieved!!

Claire Loose Tunic & Ishantal Harem Pants from
Necklace - Unbranded
Wedge Sandal - Urban & Co.

By these posts on blog, i also commited to myself i always can give positive impact. I chose my path to go in the fashion industry as an entrepreneur, and i love all the process here in the industry. That's why i am always be passionate when it comes to photoshoots, arranging concepts, designing clothes, choosing fabrics, modellingg, being a stylist, a fashion guide for my friends or even myself! That's why this blog created, i hope my readers can be inspired! 

Thank you for reading. See you on my next posts! xx

All beautiful photos were captured by @stvnar -

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Burning Red - Behind The Scene Salestock Indonesia Photoshoot

Hello friends!
Back to 2 months ago, i've done a photoshoot for Salestock Indonesia campaign as a model. The concept here is taking high fashion into traditional places such as traditional market, temple, and more! It was unbelievably great experience, bravo to all the team!

All of these photos are actually BTS (behind the scene, -red) captured by the stylist, @sonyathaniya. She is very talented! She created sophisticated looks, arranged the make up style and accesorries to be worn. I'll post the result later when it is finished! ;) FYI, the day when we were doing this shoot, the sun was incredibly hot and we feel like our body is melting, hahaha! Well, but this is our beloved Jakarta ;p

The photos here with red ambience were taken at a temple, Petak Sembilan Jakarta. Enjoy! :)

Burning Red

Project Photopgrapher by Kak @salzoooo 

Styled by Sonya Thaniya

All outfit and accesorries by Salestock Indonesia- 
Shoes: private own
Styled by Sonya Thaniya
Photographer by Salza
MUA by Dessy Christina

What do you think about this shoot?;) Don't forget to comment down below and follow my instagram @thelmakisela +Thelma Aruana Kisela to view my daily outfits too!

See you oin my next posts! xx

Friday, 6 May 2016

Pastel Mood

Hello everyone, how's your weekend? Here i am enjoying my long weekend, finally have some time to rest! Speaking of personal style, i don't have exact personal style like to be mentioned: feminine, nor boyis, just no. I am more like a fashion chameleon, i love pretty heels and embellishments, but i am a sucker of boots and outerwear. Yesterday i can be boyish, today i may be grunge but tomorrow bet i'll be feminine! 

I went this sweet in pastel mood, and it's lilac color! So rare to find this kind of color on clothing. Psst, this will be the upcoming dress from AmyGo -'s new collection. Be sure not to miss it!

Different lighting will make the color appear a little bit different. Pastel colors bring light and sweet mood to the day!

Just matched with gold nuance stacked necklace and simple hairdo. Mermaid dress is always lovely, it can accentuate your curve in more sweet shape and nice looking. The bottom ruffle is another key to make your whole look appear lovelier. Time to do some swing and twirl!

All photos were taken beautifully by my talented @stvnar ( He always produces nice and skillful photos! Thank you so much!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Monochrome Game

I wanna say sorry for a long hiatus, been crazily over busy. My days were filled with internship, working on thesis, running business, meetings, photoshoots & shootings and many others! So sorry i couldn't make time to blog because really, everytime i wanna blog, my body can't handle anymore about being too exhausted. So i just ended up sleep!

Didn't used to wear monochrome because i am a colorful person. I always in the mood of putting colors, or just a pop of color when i wear monochrome outfit. This time i wore 2 colors only: black and white! ;D

I have a thing with oversized tops. They are comfy, but stylish enough to give you effortless look. Those who wanna remain simple in dressing up, at least should own 1 piece of oversized top. It is super easy to be paired with almost anything too. Let's say, layering with shirts, ripped jeans, or wear them as a dress. Fun!

Oversized Kimono Tops: AmyGo-
Black Short: HM
Fedora Hat: The Executive (Sonya's :p)
White Oxford Shoes: Colorbox

I style the top by rolled the sleeves up so it can create different silhouette. Always have a fun time with oversized thing! ;)

All photos were taken by Sonya (@sonyathaniya) Thank you!!
Well, see you guys around, because i'll be uploading more style article! Thank you for reading and following my blog :)