Thursday, 26 May 2016

Burning Red - Behind The Scene Salestock Indonesia Photoshoot

Hello friends!
Back to 2 months ago, i've done a photoshoot for Salestock Indonesia campaign as a model. The concept here is taking high fashion into traditional places such as traditional market, temple, and more! It was unbelievably great experience, bravo to all the team!

All of these photos are actually BTS (behind the scene, -red) captured by the stylist, @sonyathaniya. She is very talented! She created sophisticated looks, arranged the make up style and accesorries to be worn. I'll post the result later when it is finished! ;) FYI, the day when we were doing this shoot, the sun was incredibly hot and we feel like our body is melting, hahaha! Well, but this is our beloved Jakarta ;p

The photos here with red ambience were taken at a temple, Petak Sembilan Jakarta. Enjoy! :)

Burning Red

Project Photopgrapher by Kak @salzoooo 

Styled by Sonya Thaniya

All outfit and accesorries by Salestock Indonesia- 
Shoes: private own
Styled by Sonya Thaniya
Photographer by Salza
MUA by Dessy Christina

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See you oin my next posts! xx