Monday, 16 March 2015

White Midi Cullote

So happy these days in my life! Some plans didn't work really well and problems are still coming, but i am really happy, blessed and content! God has wonderfully made me for His purposes, so i just gonna need to live the life to the fullest! Problems and bad things come and go, success people is the one who can see the problems with another side of view, and those people strive to get better and fight what they want. The way success people see problems and mistakes by it's positive side, and yet still choose to react positive upon them. I wanna be one of those people!

I am in love with cullote pants! Like in my previous post, i wore the black cullote and this one is white! I love how this item can be very chic and casual, but also can go formal and sophisticated. This item makes statement, from usual boring outfits to the some playful and fashionable look!

This cullote is from my clothing brand AmyGo (@amygostore on Instagram) as i designed this piece with heart and love! <3 The material is so comfy. So i decided to go very casual with a baseball tee, a wedge sandal and a black bag.

More cullotes collection to come! Follow @amygostore Instagram account to get the latest information! There will be two additional exciting colors await ;)

Anyway, hope your days are good and happy! This life is just too beautiful to be frowned. Cheer up, get up and fix yourself! Let's dig our biggest potential and unleash them, shine and be bright among others and INSPIRE! How long will you live? You don't know exactly. So let's make this beautiful life meaningful for you, God, family, friends and others. Cheers!

- Black Bag: Charles and Keith -
- White Cullote Pants: AmyGo Store -
- Baseball Tee: Flea Market -
- Wedge Sandal: Unbranded -

Sunday, 8 March 2015

How to Make a Flatlay Pictures

Hello! Making a #flatlay photo is actually very challenging! It is how you take photos from above (bird eye level) without making that annoying shadow of yourself ;D You can see hashtag #flatlay to see other references on Instagram!

I started to begin this new excitement when i saw beautiful photos of daily essentials on Instagram. Some bloggers or insta-celeb also capture interesting things and their feeds are awesome! Below are my own photo, take a look! :D

- Chinese New Year 2015 Mood -

- Samyang Spicy Korean Noodle for Lunch -

So i decided to learn how to make a #flatlay photography. So i learn that:

1. Find any monochrome backdrop/ background. White looks best! It could be bed sheet, white surfaced table, floor, etc.
2. Take your pictures on dayligh or at noon around 4 PM- 6 PM. 12 AM's sun is way too bright (and hot of course)!
3. Decide what items you wan't to capture. It can be your daily essential, your favorite food, your hobby related stuffs, and so on.

4. Arrange the stuffs nicely, the proposition has to be correct and you MUST pay attention to details. 1 centimeter is very relevant here in this case, what you see through your eyes CAN BE VERY DIFFERENT through the lense of your camera.
5. Test shoot is a mandatory. After you arrange the stuffs nicely and tidily, you can start to capture. Make sure your camera's ISO is correct and the lighting is soft; do not take pictures under direct sunlight because the result will be too bright/ too dark. You can take the pictures near the window for example.
6. Keep the photo ambience clean and neat. Watch your backdrop (especially when you use fabric), is it crumpled? It is still okay if your fabric is crump0ling, sometimes it adds more attractiveness too. Just make sure the fabric is not distracting the image.

7. Yet, just take the stuffs that are essentials, no need to throw all your fave stuffs in one frame.
8. Capture the #flatlay in many shots and many angles so at the end you can pick the best and the one you like the most.

 - Bourbon Eatery and Coffee's Food! -

- Baked Bread with Chocolate and Cheese Topping -

Above are the #flatlay photos with random backgrounds. I took the photos on the table when we were gonna eat (ya, Instagrammer's problem: having their food cold ;') ) Same tips, just make sure you have enough light and a good arrangement!

You can edit the picture using VSCO cam application for Android or IOS. if you like Adobe Photoshop, you should do it! Adobe Photoshop has rich tools to be played around! ;)

 - Dill Gourmet's Cakes and Pies! -

- Valentine Mood with Cute Items -

For more #flatlay pictures, i posted them on my Instagram account (@thelmakisela)
I am still learning though, hope everyone who reads this post is enjoying his/ her time and get inspired! Any question that come across your mind, please drop your question below on the comment box ;)

See you!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Monochrome Outfit

Obsessed with monochrome lately. Actually i wore this outfit when there was some sudden random thing must be done (i forgot when or where) and was too lazy too dress up. I opt black and white instead. I just wore my knee- length black cotton dress with my favorite pair of white sandal. Oh! Also threw on some scarf cause that day was going to rain~

Comfortable is the key. Hands down to cotton dress and sandal! I love wearing skirt/ dress because actually we don't need to deal with super tight jeans/ pants. Skin needs to breathe! ;D

And the shawl is actually only a circle O fabric sewn. I just twisted the shawl so it will look shorter. This item is made from knit wear, so the neck wouldn't be feeling any cold wind. It looks stylish too, the outer side is light grey color and the inside part is dark grey. When you're boring, twist it back!

The sandal was a gift from my love! <3 Thank you! You have a good taste :p Anyway, this looks like gladiator sandal in Rome centuries ago, but looks more edgy though. Plus, the strap is adjustable! Gonna wear this verryyyyyy often!

Monochrome couldn't be boring or wrong! (~.~)

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Houndstooth and Best Cullote

It's March already! Can't believe how time really flies soooo fast. I wrote resolutions and plans for this year, hope all willl be good and settle up! I just hope that my online clothing business can grow bigger and better :) I love designing clothes and the feeling when others love your idea and wear the clothes... <3

By the way, i am wearing upcoming collection from AmyGo Fashion Store. It's the hippest and trendiest item of the season: CULLOTES! This item is really versatile. The item you wanna go with if you are not thinking of using that tight skinny jeans... or latex leggings, or even sweatpants.. you always can count on cullotes!

 - AmyGo Black Suede Cullotes -
- Unbranded White Sequined Wedges -

- Uniqlo Black Thin Belt-

The material is made with very fine fabric and great workmanship as well. Completed with dual side pocket, belt loop, and pleat infront, this is just too lovely! The slouchy and effortless effect when i wear this is totally comfortable. No more itchy legs! My leg and i really feel free ;p

You can easily pair a cullote with:
- Sleeveless blouse
- White shirt/ your favorite shirt
- Crop top (any shape, any model, these are gorgeous!)
- Peplum top (add a thin belt on it)
- Pumps, pointy heels, wedges, ballet flats, platform, slip on, sneakers, wedgesneakers, you name it! Almost every shoes can be paired with cullotes. Awesome, isn't it?

Bloggers and celebrities already used it and look absolutely gorgeous and fashionable. hurry up, you won't be late because cullote is really a loveable piece you can ever keep!

See you at the next post!