Thursday, 5 March 2015

Monochrome Outfit

Obsessed with monochrome lately. Actually i wore this outfit when there was some sudden random thing must be done (i forgot when or where) and was too lazy too dress up. I opt black and white instead. I just wore my knee- length black cotton dress with my favorite pair of white sandal. Oh! Also threw on some scarf cause that day was going to rain~

Comfortable is the key. Hands down to cotton dress and sandal! I love wearing skirt/ dress because actually we don't need to deal with super tight jeans/ pants. Skin needs to breathe! ;D

And the shawl is actually only a circle O fabric sewn. I just twisted the shawl so it will look shorter. This item is made from knit wear, so the neck wouldn't be feeling any cold wind. It looks stylish too, the outer side is light grey color and the inside part is dark grey. When you're boring, twist it back!

The sandal was a gift from my love! <3 Thank you! You have a good taste :p Anyway, this looks like gladiator sandal in Rome centuries ago, but looks more edgy though. Plus, the strap is adjustable! Gonna wear this verryyyyyy often!

Monochrome couldn't be boring or wrong! (~.~)

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