Wednesday, 28 September 2016

What to Wear on Weekend?

Weekend is coming, have you prepared a slay outfit? ;)

Weekend usually packed in hang outs, night out with besties, or a date. Shopping and gorceries might included! In such many activities like that, we have to manage to always look weekend ready. Not too plain, but still have the stylish side. This outfit is perfect for almost every occasion in weekend. Whether you are having fun or working, go to cinemas, have a fancy dinner, afternoon tea and snacks, the list goes on.

Black outfit never goes wrong! I added this geometric legging to add instant playful look onto my outfit. It is simply because i feel like it is too mainstream and plain if it is just a black outfit. FYI, i had this leggings for almost.... 4 years! Hahaha, talk about mix and match! We don't always buy new things to make ourselves look fashionable. We can rewear and restyle them!

Comfortable heels is a must. When at the day you wanna go shopping or casually hang out with friends, this black outfit will work. When you wanna continue to the night out.. Just take off the hat and put on red lipstick and a purse! If you feel more dress up, just add on a smokey eye make up. Instant ready, this outfit is very easy to pull!

My tips for picking up black top: go for the unique one. Either play with the textures or the cutting. It makes your outfit less plain and less boring too. I love the sheer part of my top, it goes very flowy and light as i walk through. Instant drama whenever i step into a room ;)

I always add a unique and feminine touch, so i added this unique chain necklace from Environmental Jewelry. It is made from rice!!! How cool is that! Proud to wear Indonesian local brands.

Add a hat for more edgy and stylish look :)

Keep it casual and always add your personality into your outfit. Your confidence will also help you feel better and more bautiful. Just relax, get dress up and be happy! Life supposed to be enjoyed, too blessed to be stressed.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead loves!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

GUESS Fall Product Launching with Cleo Magazine

Good evening friends! Blogging time right now, and just gonna share an event i attended weeks ago. It is packed and super fun: GUESS Fall Product Launch at its retail store at Kota Kasablanka Mall. There were the fashion show, but too bad i came a little bit late so i can't snap more! Heavy traffic as usual in Jakarta.

Nude handbags, anyone? I love it so much, and was thinking whether to buy or not... Because the color is so pretty! I personally also love the size of the bag: not too big or too small, just the perfect size for my daily activities. Another crush is this bag has a long strap, making this bag even more wearable. Gotta sya this one is my favorite pick :)

My outfit during the event, a coat that i love so much! I wore it as a dress and decided to go a little bit edgier this time. I was still sticking to the feminine side by using heels and classic chain bag ;) A pair of nice choker adds instant chicness!

Coat as a Dress: ATS The Label
Hat: H&M
Shoes: Bershka
Bag: Charles & Keith

Suddenly met Sonya and Maddie here, without even a coordination! I guess we are like a connected device hahaha. Me, Shella, Maddie and Sonya met these lovely influencers Ana Octarina and Patricia Devina as well. So happy!! The event was also completed by Ron's Laboratory, an ice cream brand that serves Nitrogen ice cream, a well known and popular ice cream brand here in Jakarta i guess :) It is so delicious! Gonna grab some later on at other places absolutely!

Shella, Me, Maddie

Sonya and Me

Thank you Cleo Magazine for having me!

I'll see you guys again posting another events i attended! If you follow my Instagram, some of you might have known from my Instastory that i attended a very inspiring event and it is super fun! Stay tune and stay with me! ;)

Instagram: @thelmakisela

Monday, 19 September 2016

How to Rock the Current Trend: Military Chic Look

Do you realized that army freen and military ensembles frequently seen a lot nowadays? YES! It's been a huge trend and it is really adaptable for fashion. Not just it is chic, but the color somehow is iconic. Army and military look don't have to be too grunge, or too fierce, because we can adapt the trend into our personal style!

Here is my way to style the current trend and how to get chic with it....

I mix 2 hype items together: lace up tops and bomber jacket!! Lace up tops are sexy, feminine and chic while the bomber jacket adds instant fierce and tough to the look. I wore less accesorries here, just matched with the same tone tote bag and classy nude heels.

I felt like i am too skinny if i just wear the knit ribbed top with black skinny pants, so i added the jacket, that's why :D Turned out that this combo is super fashionable and super comfortable!!! I found myself productively working in this kind of outfit.

Lace Up Top - HM
Bomber Jacket - ADIDAS
Black Skinny Jeans - HM
Nude Heels - Silka Shoes (Instagram: @silkashoes)

The bomber jacket is my favorite since the first time i own it, 6 years ago!! It is a present for my mom, and love the color so much! Military and army inspired look don't have to be in one color palette, we can always be free mixing colors! It can be white, nudes, denim colors, monochrome colors, even bright colors! Endless possibility.

Speaking about being chic and fashionable in military and army inspired look... I always wonder, pray and believe about peace in this world. There are parts of this world that is struggling to find peace... War is everywhere! War isn't just among countries, but war frequently be in our heart. We keep war with friends, family and others. Even we struggle to fine peace in ourselves.

Hope and try the best to let go things, be kind to every one and don't let anger control you! Anger is not a solution for peace, but love and compassion will do.

What do you think about my outfit?
Don't forget to comment below and follow my Instagram @thelmakisela for more updates too! See you on my next post :)

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Hi everyone!

So me and Steven just celebrated our anniversarry this August, but just had the chance to celebrate it properly in the beginning of September! We pick Japanese food because we love it! After searching and saw reviews, we decided to try this newly opened restaurant: FUJIN Japanese Whisky & Teppanyaki. The ambience here is a little bit dark, but it makes the lunch experience look more intimate.

Ordered some of the menus recommended by the waitress. The food is quite awesome, delicious and tasty. I am usually a sushi hardcore person, but trying Japanese food in different menus is great! I forget the names of the menu we ordered, but here are some shots of the food:

I think i love this one the most! Steven loves it too, i think it is the combination of Japanese and Western? The green sauce (read; pesto) makes this menu tastier. The baby tomatoes here is fresh and juicy as well!

Enoki Mushrooms


This one tho! We love it so much because it is unique, more salty and cheesy, a little bit melted and delicious. The meat is also tender and soft. Love it!

Unfortunately when we were having lunch.. The electricity went off twice! So we gotta eat in the darkness and gotta make a light from our phones! Well, we arrange this situation to still making awesome food photographs :p Talk about positivity! Turned out the photo is nice. It was Steven's idea! The picture above was taken in complete darkness with just a help from Iphone's light.

Always a wonderful time with you!

After Lunch ;D

Decided to go to Dia.lo.gue Artspace afterwards, sight seeing and there was a poem exhibition there! Ended the day with bookstore visit to Aksara Kemang. Bookstores always be our favorite place! 

Blurred, cropped and rounded faces dont care :p

Happy Anniversarry Steven! May our journey be continued :)