Monday, 19 September 2016

How to Rock the Current Trend: Military Chic Look

Do you realized that army freen and military ensembles frequently seen a lot nowadays? YES! It's been a huge trend and it is really adaptable for fashion. Not just it is chic, but the color somehow is iconic. Army and military look don't have to be too grunge, or too fierce, because we can adapt the trend into our personal style!

Here is my way to style the current trend and how to get chic with it....

I mix 2 hype items together: lace up tops and bomber jacket!! Lace up tops are sexy, feminine and chic while the bomber jacket adds instant fierce and tough to the look. I wore less accesorries here, just matched with the same tone tote bag and classy nude heels.

I felt like i am too skinny if i just wear the knit ribbed top with black skinny pants, so i added the jacket, that's why :D Turned out that this combo is super fashionable and super comfortable!!! I found myself productively working in this kind of outfit.

Lace Up Top - HM
Bomber Jacket - ADIDAS
Black Skinny Jeans - HM
Nude Heels - Silka Shoes (Instagram: @silkashoes)

The bomber jacket is my favorite since the first time i own it, 6 years ago!! It is a present for my mom, and love the color so much! Military and army inspired look don't have to be in one color palette, we can always be free mixing colors! It can be white, nudes, denim colors, monochrome colors, even bright colors! Endless possibility.

Speaking about being chic and fashionable in military and army inspired look... I always wonder, pray and believe about peace in this world. There are parts of this world that is struggling to find peace... War is everywhere! War isn't just among countries, but war frequently be in our heart. We keep war with friends, family and others. Even we struggle to fine peace in ourselves.

Hope and try the best to let go things, be kind to every one and don't let anger control you! Anger is not a solution for peace, but love and compassion will do.

What do you think about my outfit?
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