Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Turtle Neck and How I Style It

Lately, i am just so into monochrome! If you see my previous posts, you'll see a lot of monochrome outfits and how to style it. I am sure that monochrome styling for fashion is never out of date! Always classy, easy and effortless.

Coral Lips- My current fave!

I also love turtle necks top! Name it: crowl neck, drapery neck, and all.. I always love to have pieces that have details on neck. I think it is fashionable, without trying too much. I'll be looking more of it.. and of course probably will make it for AmyGo ;)

Loving my new top from ATS The Label, my favorite local brand in Indonesia (beside my own brand too! hahaha). The fabric is nice with sheer stripes on it, the hem is assymetric and for me it is ultra gorgeous. It is casual, but it is also a lil bit dressy. LOVE!

Pairing it with wide cullote for more relaxed look. To stay in the monochrome palette, i wore my grey laced up heels and navy bangles. Perfect!

Top: ATS The Label (@atsthelabel)
Laced Up Heels: New Look
Leather Bag: Povilo Bag

Well, i let myself carry a tan color bag because i am actually love colors! The tip is to keep simple and minimal effort. You can always choose simple colored bags!

All photos were taken by @rindangs

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Circular Game


It's almost weekend again! 

Today i am sharing you guys my ultra chic outfit that turn everybody's head upon me yesterday! It is actually simple in monochrome palette, but the top is everything here. I personally always love to dress chic and dramatic, so this top is just perfect! With its big stripe print and crew neck, this top makes the whole look stunning. Thanks to Sandy Ismanto, an Indonesian clothing designer! Check out more stuffs at @si.fashiondesign on Instagram :)

Even cuter with these pins and patches!

Awesome! This top is actually a 'circular' cut, mullet style so it really adds more drama into your outfit. It is still simple, but astonishing. I let the top do the show, so keep the rest simple. Just paired it with black highwaist short, a pointed heels and a simple sling bag will work!

If you wanna wear it to any other events such as product launching, hosting or anything, just wear your black/ white skinny pants. will still be so gorgeous!

Circular Stripe Top - Sandy Ismanto Fashion Design
Black Highwaist Pants- H&M
Pointed Heels- Bershka
Chain Slingbag- Charles & Keith

Back side, like a dress <3

I recently faced so many problems and difficulties in my businesses, and somehow i also can lose hope and faith. Idk why, i know myself as a very optimistic person! So it's quite rare for me to feel down and lose the spirit. But i do remember that God is always with me, He has better plans for me! That's what i always think and come, pray to God. There's always time to rest and surrender only to God, just let go. I tried to gain my spirit again, consuming positive books and songs and keep doing my best. My loved ones also supports me! Thank you so much for being there <3

No matter how hard life can gets, no matter how weak you are, just surrender to God and fight your best. We are born to be a winner! Here's my favorite song that help me through out the day:

Have a nice day peeps!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sunday Outfit

Monday already!

Who's here agree that each day passed so fast! I personally wish i had more than 24 hour per day :p It's about setting the priority! That is why we have to be able to manage our time well and do our job done the best. Just give every day the best we can!

Yesterday, i wore a very pretty white dress to the church. Sunday means family time too, so this kind of dress will do the justice. The length is perfect, and the long sleeve makes it more classy. The dress is from @eleanortheofficial on Instagram. I felt like Kate Middleton in this dress ;)

Still, natural lash extension from @jewelbeautyofficial is the best!

White Dress- Eleanor The Official
Watch- GUESS
Shoes- Silka Shoes

The material is also comfortable and thick enough. With 2 buttons enclosure in front, the dress is cute and very appropriate. Thinking to wear the dress to some business meetings and formal events too! The flared cutting also make the whole dress look playful and youthful.

Watches and I are inseparable! My watch here is from GUESS, it is a birthday present from my dad! He really has a very good taste in fashion. The watch speaks elegance and the color is stunning, more like ocean with the sparkling water. Thanks Dad!

Simplicity of this look is the key, so i wore less accesorries. I brought snake skin sling bag with me to make the look more polished. To complete it, i wore the simplest shoes i own, in nude color!

Be youself, enjoy the outfit and keep the rest simple and elegant. Itis very nice to sometimes dress up proper, chic and elegant. Dressing well means we appreciate ourselves. Cheers for being ourselves! :)

See you on my next post and have a great day!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Tube Top: An Alternative Date Outfit Idea!

Hi Loves!

These past few days are rainy in Jakarta and all i wanna do is just take a nap, rest and read books and blogging! Got so many stuffs to do, but hey everybode deserves a break! I think i deserve to do what i love to do and enjoy the life. I love my job, i love my passion, but sometimes i also need a rest to clear my mind. I learn that i have to let go things and let God guide my steps through the day. I am very blessed! Yeay!

Today i am gonna share an outfit that is chic and super cute to be worn for a date. Well, if you are not going to a date, wear this outfit to hang out with your friends. I am sure that you will be the center of attention! They are from Frabjous Room :)  

My maroon red tube top is so cute with two ribbons hanging prettily on my arms! If you are bored with sabrina tops to show your sexy bare shoulders, than this one is a very good option! I always love to flaunt my shoulder because it is chic and sexy at the same time. Tube tops are any- kind- bottom friendly and all you gotta do is just be confident :) A very recommended dating outfit!

Maroon Red Tube Top & White Flare Skirt- FRABJOUS ROOM
Studded Metallic Heels- Charles & Keith

I also love the length of this flare skirt. It is not too mini, so it is very wearable if you wanna wear it to church or family dinner. The length should also be considered if you are going for a date. You don't wanna look like "slutty" in front of your date! Keep it classy and polite. The skirt is completed with linings, no worries at all being afraid that the visible color of the panties pop out! 

Love my natural Eyelash Extension by Jewel Beauty Indonesia so so much!

Last but not least, always compliment your outfit with accesorries. I added this rounded metal maroon necklace that coordinates well with the oufit! To make the whole look more polished, i wore this studded metallic high heels to create instant fashionable look. Psst, my studfded heels here is 7 years old now haha! The key is we are able to mix and match our old stuffs. Have fun with your outfit girls! Don't be too pushed by fashion trends and society's pressure :)

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Monday, 3 October 2016

The PERFECT Pool Party Outfit


Beautiful day with beautiful playsuit i've been wearing over and over again from Krom Collective. Clean cut and effortless, with light and airy fabric too! Just perfect for beach days, pool party and vacation! 

Playsuit is the perfect choice for those who wants comfort, simplicity while still being fun in clothing. I personally always love playsuits, because it is basic with a twist. This Mandy playsuit from Krom has two colors: black and white. The black one is also nice! Krom Collective also displays the pictures on their Instagram @kromcollective and you gotta have to take a look because their collection is fashionable and essentials for the minimalist!

Mandy Playsuit- Krom Collective 
White Oxford Shoes- COLORBOX
Sunglasses- Minimal

Another plus point of this playsuit is the sleeves!!! The bell- sleeves just add chic element to the whole outfit. With its flowy material, it swings just like it is when your hand moves. I also love the deep V neck, a very smart way if we want to elongate our neck! That's why i put on choker to balance everything.

If you are confused on what to wear for upcoming events, weekend outfits or holiday pieces, go with the simple, neutral color and fuss free item like this! 

Definitely gonna wear this kind of playsuit over and over again, because it is really comfortable and stylish! I will add heels if i attend fancier events. I styled the playsuit when i was about having pool hang out with my friends, so i opted a white oxford shoes to make it casual chice, while accesorries are must! I brought the straw hat with me and it somehow matches the playsuit so well!

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All photos were taken beautifully by @stvnar - www.stvnar.tumblr.com