Friday, 14 October 2016

Circular Game


It's almost weekend again! 

Today i am sharing you guys my ultra chic outfit that turn everybody's head upon me yesterday! It is actually simple in monochrome palette, but the top is everything here. I personally always love to dress chic and dramatic, so this top is just perfect! With its big stripe print and crew neck, this top makes the whole look stunning. Thanks to Sandy Ismanto, an Indonesian clothing designer! Check out more stuffs at @si.fashiondesign on Instagram :)

Even cuter with these pins and patches!

Awesome! This top is actually a 'circular' cut, mullet style so it really adds more drama into your outfit. It is still simple, but astonishing. I let the top do the show, so keep the rest simple. Just paired it with black highwaist short, a pointed heels and a simple sling bag will work!

If you wanna wear it to any other events such as product launching, hosting or anything, just wear your black/ white skinny pants. will still be so gorgeous!

Circular Stripe Top - Sandy Ismanto Fashion Design
Black Highwaist Pants- H&M
Pointed Heels- Bershka
Chain Slingbag- Charles & Keith

Back side, like a dress <3

I recently faced so many problems and difficulties in my businesses, and somehow i also can lose hope and faith. Idk why, i know myself as a very optimistic person! So it's quite rare for me to feel down and lose the spirit. But i do remember that God is always with me, He has better plans for me! That's what i always think and come, pray to God. There's always time to rest and surrender only to God, just let go. I tried to gain my spirit again, consuming positive books and songs and keep doing my best. My loved ones also supports me! Thank you so much for being there <3

No matter how hard life can gets, no matter how weak you are, just surrender to God and fight your best. We are born to be a winner! Here's my favorite song that help me through out the day:

Have a nice day peeps!

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