Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2015 Ahead, a New Year is Coming!

Hi people, how's life? how's your 2014 back then? Have you done something good? :D Good here means you use your time effectively and productively to do what you love and things related to your dreams achievement. Good here also mean have you done good at your role, maybe as a daughter, a son, a parent, a teacher, a student, and so on. And, how was your attitude in good or bad conditions, how you manage and be responsible of yourself.

As a young generation, do not just think about "the FUN" only, begin yourself to think more mature and far further about your future. If you begin to think about the future, you will make plans. Plans and action will lead you sooner to get your dreams!

Let's get started about the outfit. When you feel like you're lacking of any outfit idea, you can try this fashion tips! Use your monochrome color (black- grey- white) items and put on some bright color. It can be put whether in your make- up, your shoes, bag and accessories. Or even nails! ;D You can play around with monochrome outfit, layering would be fun to do, textured and printed clothes will also work.

Guess what, my inner sleeveless plaid shirt is my mom's vintage item, it was exist since i was about.. age 6? hahaha. It's unbranded, but still in a very good quality, the fabric is not easily crumpled. Good investment ;) Paired it with my old black crop top to make a layering.

I opted this grey ripped jeans because basically, i don't really into basic outfit. I love something more dressy. Bought this pair of ripped jeans from my friend, it is also unbranded. Well, i can say this outfit from head- to- toe is all unbranded! Cheers to the love of hunting vintage and affordable clothes! The ripped part is simple too, it is just not too much.

You can make a simple look without looking like "trying too much" ;)

Beautiful pair of red killer heels! it actually belongs to my mom, and the size is one size smaller than mine. So sad i can't wear this item out, i can only express the love for this heels to this blog post ;'D The heels is, sexy? YES it is! This pair makes your legs stand out. Bravo!

Ribbon ring- DIY
Flower bracelet- Mangga Dua
black Gold chain bracelet- ByPink

Added a simple black clutch and accessories.

By writing on this post too, i wanna say my deepest condolence to the Air Asia QZ8501, may the soul rest in peace and God bless them and their family.

New year, new life, new spirit and hope :)

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Culinary Trip to Bogor

Today, we went to Bogor fora culinary trip. Dad searched on internet and made the list places we have to eat at Bogor. The weather today is not really hot, it was cloudy. So we don't need to deal with hot weather during our walk. ;D

Today's outfit. I wore Christmas gift from bf, it is super comfortable and quirky, has a unique design that comes in black and white color. Super love the gift, thanks to you! <3 Well, changed my top to the red t-shirt because i was sweating hahaha. My knee- length ripped jeans and green tote bag add some comfortable point for today's trip!

The guys (Dad + Bro) who posed. LOL

We went to Jalan Suryakencana where there are a lot of local food street. If you are planning a trip to Bogor, you surely can visit this street, because local food street are gathered closely.
First stop, SATE BABI! (Pork satay)

Looks yum? TRUE. you can find this pork satay along the street. The smell was so good! They grilled the satay nicely on charcoal, which can make the meat become more tasty and savory. They also swing the air with a hand fan, the goal is to make the smoke goes evenly to every part of the meat. We all were waiting in hungry and couldn't stop starring at the satay to be ready.


Now the satay is ready to be served! A portion cost IDR 20k. We first ordered a portion, then we decide to add a portion more because it was so good! It looks as tasty as the zoomed picture of the satay above. Writing this makes me drool now, thinking about the satay.

Let's see now our next stop...

Soto Kuning Pak Yusup (Yellow Soup)
Jl Suryakencana Gg Aut - Bogor
Telp: 0877 70278585

Another super delicious soto here at Bogor. My first time to try this. It is made from turmeric and spices, completed with fried onion, pieces of tomato and filled with beef. You can also choose offal for the filling. I choose beef instead.

I like when soto comes with fresh orange limo, because basically i love sour food. The taste become very fresh, the salty taste is also perfect. But i think the bad side was the chili, though it looked good when you can add chili, i discouraged taking the chili because it looked.... so not clean.

My suggestion for you all the hygienist person, do BRING your own spoon and fork. I once looked at the spoon- fork container, it looked black and dusty, even some of the spoon and fork looked dirty... :') I almost could not swallow the food if i think of that. so i just quickly eat and think about another thing ;'D but the taste was nice. You should try!

Next, we also fill our tummy with more and more foods! xD Our family member doesn't have any problem with body weight, we eat a lot but our body mass is really not growing. Lucky us!


Ice Cincau is known as Indonesian traditional dessert made from gula merah (red sugar) and grass jelly. It comes with sweet flavor, but this one i think was not really good because it tastes like less sugar. But, the crowd here shows they were exciting to buy it here! We continued munch combro (Oncom dijero) - i don't know what to say 'Oncom dijero' in English ;D it tastes so good, spicy inside and fried nicely outside.

We have eaten a lot, but we would not stop until we can find Sop sumsum! (marrow soup). Soup sumsume comes from the inside of a cow bone. Interesting, let's continue!

Rumah Sumsum
Top Menu: Sop Sumsum Sapi (Rp. 25.000) 
Open hour: 10.00 - 21.00   
Jl. Lawang Gintung No. 21, Bogor Telp. (0251) 8314579

When the soup came, my first reaction was "WHAAT? SUCH A BIG PORTION! Yes, the overview was surprising, with the big bone over the bowl, whereas, the bowl was also quiet big! We ordered 2 portions only because we wanted to continue eating another food hehe xD 

The restaurant also provides a straw. YES, a straw. In case you can not reach the marrow inside the bone, you simply can just slurp it! Very unique, new experience for eating food by slurping what is inside. The appearance was also nice, the clear broth was also delicious and completed with fried onion, taste a bit oily and you can add some sour flavor by pressing  orange limo. For your information, some might not like the soup, especially the marrow. Some people don't like the fat flavor and a bit oily with the typically smell. She literally screamed and wanted to throw ;D my mother also dislike it but she likes the soup. But my dad, brother and me were enjoying the soup so much! We bribe the food into our mouth until it's all finished.

Tasted very good, recommended food to try!


It's Soto Mie Bogor (noodle soup) picture above! Mom ordered this one while waiting dad bought lumpia basah. Looks tasty, but the reality IS NOT! We al super dislike the taste, we have known the original taste of soto mie Bogor before, and we were surprised by the taste, it was not good. The smell was also terrible, when the soup came into our mouth, the taste we all can described was only "EWW' with a frown on our face. Never ever come back again for this for sure!

It was located at Jalan Suryakencana also, i will not mention the name, yet i also forgot the name!

These food above were not the only food we ate, we ate kue pukis, lumpia basah, cakes, and so on. I didn't take the pictures of those food. At 17.00 PM, we decided to return back to our home because we felt that we are full enough. At night around 20.00 PM, we all were eating our dinner again! xD Of course not in our usual portion, we only ate small amount of rice and pork meat hahaha.

Hope this blog post of reviews help, happy holiday! :D

Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas: Joyful Moment

Merry Christmas fellas! I am really happy that this year, i still can celebrate Christmas with family. My bf just gave me Christmas present on 22nd December, two days earlier because he was leaving to Surabaya and back to his hometown. I got a super lovely big parcel filled with cookies, nutella, pringles, etc. Plus, there was an uber cute reindeer sock doll and a small Christmas tree above. Thank you! <3

Mom's home bake cheese soft cake for the Christmas morning.

I'll be munching these happily... ;D

I prepared some Christmas gift for my family since two days ago. They were surely happy! And i got a pair of a black jelly flat shoes from mom, which is very comfy and avoiding a shoe damage because of this rainy season.

Guess what? I am amazed with my dad's hand drawing of my mom. Exactly like she is! The detail is very good, like at the hair and the eyes. Dad gave the present for Mother's Day actually, but turned out that this paintings had not finished yet. So, he gave it to mom on Dec 24th, as a Christmas present. What a suppa talented dad ever.

Christmas outfit. Decided to wear red for my bottom with heeled ankle boots on. Added a thin belt and an earings. Sorry for the little bit dark picture ;)

Family picture taken by a waitress. Not a very good picture, but the faces there are happy!

We had a family lunch at Ikan Bakar Pangkep 33. This restaurant is our family favorite. You can eat Makassar food in the super mouth- watering menu. The chili, seafood, veggies, etc are ALWAYS GOOD. This Christmas, not all family member joined the crowd. Some of them are still on their vacation abroad.

We also had Christmas Eve dinner at Central Chinese Food Restaurant, Serpong. Very good food! So... tasty.

Everyday, we can thank Lord Jesus for making such blessings into our family. Christmas means The Savior of this world has just born. He saved us, died on cross. He came to die. Let's celebrate Christmas with warm heart and forever grateful to God.

Merry Christmas!