Thursday, 18 December 2014

Casual Day


Ever had yourself panicking on what to wear?
It happens to me ALWAYS. (yes, always). Girl's problem, never solved! :p we really have a lot of clothes in our wardrobe but still have no idea on what to wear.

Try my trick: try to put a pair of your favorite jeans and some white outfit. i picked my white chiffon sleeveless shirt and a dark blue skinny jeans. Just go with the light material, to suit Indonesian weather. Sleeveless shirt is a great example if you want to wear something casual, but still look neat at the same time. Wear it casually, or add blazer to formal occassions. This item is really versatile too!  add your favorite accessories! White and jeans never go wrong.

I got mine from Singapore a long time ago for only SGD 7! Exactly at Bugis Street. Best feeling is when you can buy somthing you like and it's good, in a such cheap price!

I love wearing heels. To add some color, i paired my outfit with a blue pumps from @menbeautyheels on Instagram. It has a shoelace in front, and the height is 8cm. It is super comfortable! They have various collections of shoes, such a heaven. The brand called Kvoll, a Korean shoes brand. Recommended.

Added a polkadot scarf to prevent boring style ;) I wanted something different than any other accessories, like a necklace for example. You should try! ;)

See you on next posts!

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