Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas: Joyful Moment

Merry Christmas fellas! I am really happy that this year, i still can celebrate Christmas with family. My bf just gave me Christmas present on 22nd December, two days earlier because he was leaving to Surabaya and back to his hometown. I got a super lovely big parcel filled with cookies, nutella, pringles, etc. Plus, there was an uber cute reindeer sock doll and a small Christmas tree above. Thank you! <3

Mom's home bake cheese soft cake for the Christmas morning.

I'll be munching these happily... ;D

I prepared some Christmas gift for my family since two days ago. They were surely happy! And i got a pair of a black jelly flat shoes from mom, which is very comfy and avoiding a shoe damage because of this rainy season.

Guess what? I am amazed with my dad's hand drawing of my mom. Exactly like she is! The detail is very good, like at the hair and the eyes. Dad gave the present for Mother's Day actually, but turned out that this paintings had not finished yet. So, he gave it to mom on Dec 24th, as a Christmas present. What a suppa talented dad ever.

Christmas outfit. Decided to wear red for my bottom with heeled ankle boots on. Added a thin belt and an earings. Sorry for the little bit dark picture ;)

Family picture taken by a waitress. Not a very good picture, but the faces there are happy!

We had a family lunch at Ikan Bakar Pangkep 33. This restaurant is our family favorite. You can eat Makassar food in the super mouth- watering menu. The chili, seafood, veggies, etc are ALWAYS GOOD. This Christmas, not all family member joined the crowd. Some of them are still on their vacation abroad.

We also had Christmas Eve dinner at Central Chinese Food Restaurant, Serpong. Very good food! So... tasty.

Everyday, we can thank Lord Jesus for making such blessings into our family. Christmas means The Savior of this world has just born. He saved us, died on cross. He came to die. Let's celebrate Christmas with warm heart and forever grateful to God.

Merry Christmas!

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