Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Summer Holiday Essentials, Let's Pack!

Hello everyone! We know, packing for some people is fun! Yet, the rest of us also think that packing is exhausting. Too many things to be carried! Traveling is very exciting, and my favorite holiday destination is beach. This holiday, i think i am not going to any other beach :( Next year perhaps!

This post will give you ideas on what you gonna need to bring when you are going to beach. Easy, compact and hopefully light! ;)

Left: Ristra Sun Care Sunblock, SPF 17
Right: Neutrogena Sun Screen, SPF 30 
Both sunblock are very soft on skin, it stays longer and they don't make you fill like you are wearing an invisible cream mask.

Left: Banana Boat Spray Sun Screen, SPF 30
Right: Cetaphil Face Cleanser for All Skin Types 
You can use your spray sunblock to add protection for skin. Your skin MUST be protected. You don't want your skin got burned. After a long day, don't forget to clean your face using Cetaphil. This cleanser is good and soft for your skin, yet it suits all skin types. You can share the cleanser with your family or friends!

Left: Lucido Hair Serum (to prevent dry hair because of sun heat)
Pixy Make-up Removal
Gatsby Face Cleansing Paper

Right: Hazeline Snow Moisturizing Cream 
You really need to bring your moisturizer with you, yo prevent a very dry skin of your face.  I really love this moisturizer from Hazeline, it suits me best and my skin is hydrated and feels super soft whenever i put this on.

Relian Mascara
Drawing Eyebrow by Etude in Dark Brown

Lip Smacker Lip Balm

Holiday at beach, we only need some simple makeup. because hot and humid weather would literally make your heavy makeup fade :D Bring your favorite mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lip balm, etc. Let our natural beauty shines.

Mango "Delibrium" Eau de Toilette Natural Spray

I got this perfume as my birthday present from my auntie. It smells very fresh like roses, and it comes with super cute packaging in pink! The bottle itself is so cute too, with a ribbon on the top. The smell is not "too heavy" for outdoor activities, where your perfume's smell could mixed up with the sun's smell. If you like perfumes with fresh smell, i totally recommend this!

The things you would like to bring. A comb, a shaving tool from Schick (incase you really want a hair- free skin! hahaha), hair tie and pins.
Bring your big tote bag so it could carry your stuffs! In addition, you will need a beach blanket (mine is pink), you favorite sunglasses and a floppy hat to protect your face from the sun.

Time to play with colorful outfit! Any maxi dress, midi dress or even mini dress are allowed! Wear your favorite short, tanks, blouse and swimsuit. You can add accessories like big sunglasses, floppy hat, scarf, beaded bracelets and bangles, and so on. Don't forget to wear your lovely flip flop or thongs, and...... camera :p
You can decorate your nails too with bright colors. But this time i chose the neutral pallete and added stickers on it, still pretty right? :) 
Tips: bring some breezy and light material clothes with you.
Now, packing is no longer an exhausting time for you! Just bring what you need don't make yourself tired for stuffs you carry. Have fun!

Happy Holiday, hope the tips help!

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