Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2015 Ahead, a New Year is Coming!

Hi people, how's life? how's your 2014 back then? Have you done something good? :D Good here means you use your time effectively and productively to do what you love and things related to your dreams achievement. Good here also mean have you done good at your role, maybe as a daughter, a son, a parent, a teacher, a student, and so on. And, how was your attitude in good or bad conditions, how you manage and be responsible of yourself.

As a young generation, do not just think about "the FUN" only, begin yourself to think more mature and far further about your future. If you begin to think about the future, you will make plans. Plans and action will lead you sooner to get your dreams!

Let's get started about the outfit. When you feel like you're lacking of any outfit idea, you can try this fashion tips! Use your monochrome color (black- grey- white) items and put on some bright color. It can be put whether in your make- up, your shoes, bag and accessories. Or even nails! ;D You can play around with monochrome outfit, layering would be fun to do, textured and printed clothes will also work.

Guess what, my inner sleeveless plaid shirt is my mom's vintage item, it was exist since i was about.. age 6? hahaha. It's unbranded, but still in a very good quality, the fabric is not easily crumpled. Good investment ;) Paired it with my old black crop top to make a layering.

I opted this grey ripped jeans because basically, i don't really into basic outfit. I love something more dressy. Bought this pair of ripped jeans from my friend, it is also unbranded. Well, i can say this outfit from head- to- toe is all unbranded! Cheers to the love of hunting vintage and affordable clothes! The ripped part is simple too, it is just not too much.

You can make a simple look without looking like "trying too much" ;)

Beautiful pair of red killer heels! it actually belongs to my mom, and the size is one size smaller than mine. So sad i can't wear this item out, i can only express the love for this heels to this blog post ;'D The heels is, sexy? YES it is! This pair makes your legs stand out. Bravo!

Ribbon ring- DIY
Flower bracelet- Mangga Dua
black Gold chain bracelet- ByPink

Added a simple black clutch and accessories.

By writing on this post too, i wanna say my deepest condolence to the Air Asia QZ8501, may the soul rest in peace and God bless them and their family.

New year, new life, new spirit and hope :)

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  1. Lovely outfit! Love those heels!
    xo, Jane