Monday, 2 February 2015

Floral and Bright Mood

Gloomy weather these past days, snuggle in a blanket with a cup of warm chocolate milk would be very perfect! Unfortunately, i can not do taht often because obviously got work to do and to be finished! I am currently busy in college life for joining some event and organization, working on my clothing line and so on. I try to always be productive as many as i could, because this life simply must be meaningful and useful for others: BE THE LIGHT AND BLESSING TO OTHERS!

So i manage my time to rearrange my tight schedule. College is the priority, family time is the second, make some working hours 4 hours or more for my clothing line, read book minimum an hour a day, find time to do my hobby (blogging, culinary, fashion, photography, books, art, cooking, etc) and spend time with the loved ones.

I always love how bright colors and prints will make a statement. This simple kind of outfit is very comfortable and bring me happy and bright mood. Well, you should try some colors on your outfit too! Use your favorite color and add your favorite accessories. Color blocking is not a problem, as long as you pair the colors right.

Here, i wore my soft cotton pink peach crop top i bought 3 years ago in Singapore ;D Paired with my black- based floral cotton pants. To keep it simple, i only added my flat shoes and a brown suede sling bag.

Love this dark brown stone chain necklace. Simplicity is the key, let the outfit be loud without being over dressed drawn with so many accessories ;p

- Crop top, floral pants, necklace: Unbranded -
- Brown suede sling bag: The Little Things She Needs -
- Cream flat shoes: Payless Shoe Source -

Anyway, i am sharing this make-up too! This make-up is very simple, also suitable if you apply this to the kind of outfit above :) Yet, this make-up is also very wearable too for a special daily occasion, if you wanna look a bit different than the usual times. Natural bold make-up is the name!

After you apply your base and powder, you can add some peach blush. Define your eyebrow with a brown eyebrow pencil, then brush the eyebrow. You can also wear your favorite contact lense to make your eyes look more vibrant and bright.

For the eyeshadow:
I apply 3 colors:
- soft silver on the teardrop
- Emeraldl green on the middle crease
- Dark glittery green on the outer lid
- Dark brown matte eyeshadow on the very outer lid
Sweep gently and blend the colors so they can burst out naturally and blend very well.

After the steps, you just simply put your black liquid/ gel eyeliner. use your mascara and you can add a faux lashes to make the eyes look wider!

Lastm keep the lips look natural. You can go with coral/ soft pink color tone. Since i have a yelllow colored skin, i like bright lip colors to make my skin looks more glowing and 'bright'. So i used my pink (semi- fuchsia) instead.

- Brow Pencil: Etude Drawing Eyebrow in dark brown -
- Lashes: Andiyanto -
- Eyeliner: Silky girl Black Gel Liner -
- Mascara: Reliant mascara -
- Eyeshadow: NYX pallete -

Well, hope the tips help and inspire! See you!

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