Friday, 6 May 2016

Pastel Mood

Hello everyone, how's your weekend? Here i am enjoying my long weekend, finally have some time to rest! Speaking of personal style, i don't have exact personal style like to be mentioned: feminine, nor boyis, just no. I am more like a fashion chameleon, i love pretty heels and embellishments, but i am a sucker of boots and outerwear. Yesterday i can be boyish, today i may be grunge but tomorrow bet i'll be feminine! 

I went this sweet in pastel mood, and it's lilac color! So rare to find this kind of color on clothing. Psst, this will be the upcoming dress from AmyGo -'s new collection. Be sure not to miss it!

Different lighting will make the color appear a little bit different. Pastel colors bring light and sweet mood to the day!

Just matched with gold nuance stacked necklace and simple hairdo. Mermaid dress is always lovely, it can accentuate your curve in more sweet shape and nice looking. The bottom ruffle is another key to make your whole look appear lovelier. Time to do some swing and twirl!

All photos were taken beautifully by my talented @stvnar ( He always produces nice and skillful photos! Thank you so much!

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