Sunday, 29 May 2016

Loose Pieces

I think, woman is a very strong human kind. Maybe not physically, but more mentally. I'm talking about it in general, when i always find strong women around me. For me, being a woman is very special! It is such a blessing from God. Back then when Indonesia has woman emancipation issue, RA. Kartini, a very powerful hero started to do what she needed to do. She stood strong defending woman's rights, that each every of us deserves the same treatment as the opposite gender. we deserves to get education, knowledge and the same human rights. 

To be good is not enough, you gotta be awesome and super great! We should make ourselves capable. We have given talents by God, all we gonna do is grateful and be responsible doing the talents. So, we can give great impact in our society.

Do whatever you're passionate about, positively.

Sometimes it's really great to dress up in loose pieces. Relieved!!

Claire Loose Tunic & Ishantal Harem Pants from
Necklace - Unbranded
Wedge Sandal - Urban & Co.

By these posts on blog, i also commited to myself i always can give positive impact. I chose my path to go in the fashion industry as an entrepreneur, and i love all the process here in the industry. That's why i am always be passionate when it comes to photoshoots, arranging concepts, designing clothes, choosing fabrics, modellingg, being a stylist, a fashion guide for my friends or even myself! That's why this blog created, i hope my readers can be inspired! 

Thank you for reading. See you on my next posts! xx

All beautiful photos were captured by @stvnar -

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