Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Monochrome Game

I wanna say sorry for a long hiatus, been crazily over busy. My days were filled with internship, working on thesis, running business, meetings, photoshoots & shootings and many others! So sorry i couldn't make time to blog because really, everytime i wanna blog, my body can't handle anymore about being too exhausted. So i just ended up sleep!

Didn't used to wear monochrome because i am a colorful person. I always in the mood of putting colors, or just a pop of color when i wear monochrome outfit. This time i wore 2 colors only: black and white! ;D

I have a thing with oversized tops. They are comfy, but stylish enough to give you effortless look. Those who wanna remain simple in dressing up, at least should own 1 piece of oversized top. It is super easy to be paired with almost anything too. Let's say, layering with shirts, ripped jeans, or wear them as a dress. Fun!

Oversized Kimono Tops: AmyGo-
Black Short: HM
Fedora Hat: The Executive (Sonya's :p)
White Oxford Shoes: Colorbox

I style the top by rolled the sleeves up so it can create different silhouette. Always have a fun time with oversized thing! ;)

All photos were taken by Sonya (@sonyathaniya) Thank you!!
Well, see you guys around, because i'll be uploading more style article! Thank you for reading and following my blog :)

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