Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Baby Blue Pastel Outfit

It's only 2 days to go to Christmas!
So excited! I'm writing this post in the middle of my hectic schedule. Sorry for the postponed post (since i had mentioned on Instagram that i was going to post tonight, but i didn't) so sorry! There are some circumstances back on those days that made me couldn't  post, so here it is!!

Decided to go light in pastel outfit. One of my favorite color is baby blue! To create pastel-ly dreamy vibes on my outfit, i matched with neutrals and white color.See, there are 3 neutral colors i wore: black, beige and white so the focus of the whole outfit is the baby blue color, plus it is from brocade material that adds instant chic ;) 

I am very, very busy these days! i know i should relax a bit, i want holiday so bad! But can't do it for now, because i'm having a year- end bazaar for AmyGo at Mal Puri Indah, jakarta Barat from 22 Dec- 3 Jan. Please do come, say hi and shop! ;D

Some people may see me ambitious or perfectionist, or may see me too hard working, but i consider myself work too much because i know, there are some times i get lazy and super unproductive. My schedule and days are fully packed, and some of my friends complained whenever i can't join them, hahaha. I know i should stop and relax, but i'm happy! I'm happy when i am productive, but i feel guilty whenever i'm laying on my bed doing nothing, so i ended up get busy again. 

Anyway, any idea where to go places for hang out and casual errands? Or maybe recommended place to a short getaway? ;D

All photos were taken by: Dinan, thank you! 

With SonyaKiki :D 

I also took a picture with my new friend Yoga, but sadly somehow the picture is gone! ;'(

I'll tell more stories what i've been doing these days, so keep updated and stay tune. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram +Thelma Aruana Kisela and see you on the next post! :)

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