Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Outfit Inspiration


Hi Guys! I just browsed some Christmas outfit ideas, and ended up playing Polyvore to create looks and releasing my creativity, hahaha. I wish every items here were mine! I'm drooling now. For me, Christmas has always been very magical. It is the day when the Savior was born! Yeay, let's spread happiness around and be the blessing for others!

Above is my styling for Christmas lunch or going out for some casual errands with friends. Since i live in Indonesia, an outfit like this would be perfect to beat such heat, but warm enough to protect from the night cold. I think, ripped jeans can give some casual feel on your whole look, but you can also add some bling touch such as earrings and polished nails.

Christmas 2

I would love to have this whole outfit at more girly event. This outfit is appropriate to show some elegance in more cheerful way. Wear prints and bright colors to be stand out, keep the rest neutrals and simple. Show a bit of your shoulder, and balance it with the midi length of the skirt. Being sexy doesn't mean you have to show all of your skin!

This can be worn either day or night. Most of all, keep them comfortable for you! Fashion shouldn't make you become someone else just to impress another.

I love nude in my outfit! Well, it is simply because i also love neutrals. Neutrals tone down your whole look, simply sophisticated without looking extra effort. I picked basic items here, such as white tank, pinkish- peach blazer and gold accesories. That Chloe bag is something1 It's flap is made from leather. What an eye candy! You can still look stunning on your Christmas eve with this outfit combination. It is very church- appropriate outfit, i think :) Thoughts?

I am going to make more stylings too in this blog! Tell me what do you think about all of these, i would really love to hear from all of you! Merry eraly Christmas everyone!

Thelma Kisela

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