Monday, 31 August 2015

Guest Speaker at Friends of Merry Riana: Komunitas MRCA by Merry Riana

Hello everyone! I was so honored to be the first guest speaker in Merry Riana Radio Talk show with Komunitas MRCA in Heartline FM Radio. I was invited by a friend of mine, Rindang, to be the guest speaker to talk about business and how can i be grateful in everything. The talkshow was on Monday, 27th July 2015, started on 17.00 PM, so i ran out from campus right away after finished the class to fit in the schedule! Hahaha.. It's better late than never, so i decided to still write this entry! ;)

The script was prepared by the radio crew, but in fact, we didn't really stick to the script, we enjoyed our time during the talkshow and the discussion flow nicely!We also got lovely feedback question from dear listener from Heartline FM Radio.

With Mr. Charles, our host that day. He is very friendly and have a nice way of talking, i surely adore radio host profession! They can play with attractive words and help us to communicate better. In this talk show, i shared my business experience with my double profession as a college student; how i maintain my business without failing my study. Well, i don;t say it's easy! It's very challenging, which i like challenges. I gave tips that the key is about priority. You just need to manage your time and your top priorities. I put my study first, the second is family and the third is business. Next, i can go for hobbies, leisure, etc.

In this talk show, i stated that in every aspects and things we do, we must be GRATEFUL. Why? I confessed there that i am nothing without God, that He is the one who makes me ABLE to do such things. I learned not to complain when the situation is hard, therefore in every situation we have to be grateful because every day is a good day. god doesn't want us to be or in the bad day, He just tested us.

Grateful is really in the business. When your sales are high, you feel grateful. When the sales are reaaalllyyyyy low, you should also be grateful. Grateful isn't about a feeling when you feel loved/ succeed/ happy, but it is how you appreciate all efforts you made along the journey with its ups and downs and you can still smile and happily thank God. Without being grateful, you won't be able to see things wonderful, you will ended up being so unsatisfied.

The talk show began...............

With our co- host of the day, Mbak Frenty!

Did i mention 'we'? YES! I was not alone during the show, there were Natashia and Melisa from the Komunitas MRCA (Merry Riana Campus Ambassador) who explained what is MRCA and gave the testimony about joining this program. By the way, Komunitas MRCA is a young community formed by Asia's woman entrepreneur and motivator, Ms Merry Riana and her husband Mr. Alva. They created this community to choose 60 best college student in Indonesia to be thought and intensively trained by them without no charge at all. Ms Merry and Mr Alva do hope that these 60 young people to do activities that aims to make positive impact to 1 million people all over Indonesia.

Clearly we know that Ms Merry Riana and Mr Alva put much effort for our beloved country. They are an example we young people should follow: that being a success person is not about rich or all about money, but how you appreciate life and become blessings for others, at least we can make IMPACT to others. For now on, through this post i also encourage whoever reads this entry, yes YOU, let's make changes for our country start by ourself.

We can begin in simplest way we can. We started to join competitions, started to learn how to be in organization. Make social programs, charity campaign. Simply you also can start a good habit such as reading books and interact with the experts/ guru to study more about your passion. Try your very best to make your God proud, yourself, your family and your nation. Let's be a blessing!

Thank you Komunitas MRCA for the invitation as your guest speaker, i enjoyed the time very much! I do hope the listeners feel happy and inspired with my little experience in business. I believe there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there whose much more expert than me, all of you also must learn from them too! Absorb their strategy and ways to achieve success. I really do hope and will try my best to be a great entrepreneur; i'm just a newbie, i need to learn so much things! 

Cheers! Let's make Indonesia better and better!

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