Saturday, 8 August 2015

Healthy & Yummy: 3 Fruits in a Juice

Hi everyone! Last post, i talked about some health issues. As my promise to myself i want to keep myself healthy by eating right, i am commited to start it more routine! Just started with a very simple step: making a healthy juice for me and family. I do hope you guys doing well! Hope you all stays fit and healthy, and of course happy! In this post, i wanna share my usual juice recipe which i like very much.

First, you gonna need:
- Knife
- A Juicer
- Sugar (2 table teaspoon)
- Mineral water (1,5 normal-sized drinking glass)

And the fruits are...

1. Berries! Look at that bright red color. Natural at its best.
I usually put my berries in the freezer, it is better to keep them in a freezer so they can stay longer and you can enjoy drinking it cold.

2. Papaya

3. Stawberries

Some of you may not like the taste of the papaya, because for some people, papayas are a bit stinks? I love papaya, i don't have any problem at all eating it. Oh well, in order to be healthy, you don't always eat and swallow your favorite food right? I mean, sometimes you have to swallow the one you don't like either! That's why i'm sharing my recipe of fruit mixing, so the papaya wouldn't taste awful for you non- papaya lover! Hope you can try this ;)

1. Cut the papaya in a cube size
2. Wash the berries and strawberries with clean water. Make sure to wash them clean, we don't know if there is some amount of pesticide on it.. Just be aware!
3. Put the fruits together in a juicer, add the water
4. You can add small amount of sugar if you like, but don't be too much! Remember, to much sugar leads you to diabetes and fat.
5. Start to blend your juice until its done and looking smooth.
6. Serve

If you'd love to, you can try to add some condensed milk, without sugar. The taste would be nice, it adds some sweet flavor. Anyway, sugar is also important for our body. We need energy! So, no need to be afraid of consuming sugar if you eat healthy, sleep well and do exercises!
It's so easy right? You don't really need much effort by making this. Drinking juice is one of the simplest thing to do. Yet, it is so yummy and healthy atthe same time. When you drink juice, you can feel like you are refreshed!

Do you know that berries are good for skin and digestive system? Berries contain high minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It is also an antioxidant for our body. Oh! You can also whiten up your teeth by using strawberries! Simply cut the strawberry into 2 pieces, rub it over your teeth back and forth after you finished brushing your teeth. Do it for 1-2 weeks and see the result! You can also take picture before- after so you can compare. This works on me! Welcome, bright smile!

Papaya is also a miracle. It is good for digestive system, ashma prevention and good for diet. Papaya contains calium and vitamin to prevent the heart- sickness and maximize our imune system.It is rich with minerals, papaya is very awesome for our skin. No wonder, we can get a flawless looking skin by consuming fruits and veggies routine.

Enjoy! Hurry, you can start eating healthy NOW! ;) Please tell me your exciting story when it comes to eat healthy, or simply drop comments below :) See you on the next posts!

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