Sunday, 26 July 2015

Brave Red

Hi everyone! :) AmyGo just launched many new arrivals! You can direct check on Instagram: @amygostore to find more! This time, we realized that hot weather is beating us down! So i decided to produce some light- weight, airy and breezy shirts! They come with many colors to suit your days, day and night. The fitting is also nice and what i really love from this item is  its material, made from fine Paris cotton. Many colors available for you to choose.

I wore this ruby shirt in bright red when i was dancing. This time, i did not wanna wear something heavy/ complicated costume for a dance. The theme for today is red with a touch of black/ gray. I just put on a black tank top worn underneath and paired it with tiny stripe cropped trouser. My feet were to 'tired' to wear some boots or high- top sneakers, so instead of wearing those, i wore this black and white slip on! My slip on shoes is from The things Corner (Instagram: @thethingscorner)

Recently, i just got a very severe blotch, it was VERY painful- i even couldn't stand up or walk. It's holiday, but just ended up laying on my bed for the whole weeks :') the good news is, now that blotch has gone, leaving a very ugly mark on my skin. I am on my treatment to clean it away! Wish me luck!

Hat was borrowed from my friend Vania. I intended to borrow her hat and wear it on stage, but plan was changed since this hat won't really stay on my head. I was avoiding some risks my performance out there would be failed because of the fallen hat, hahaha! Well, just put this hat for a photo :p

I love to wear my shirts a bit loose and also make the sleeves tied up. Oh! I usually wear my shirts with some tank inside. I don't know.. this way is influenced by my mom's style. She likes to wear shirts with a tank underneath. she said by wearing it that way, you do layering and make the plain shirt not too formal! Awesome idea, Mom.

Red is identic with brave. Talk about bravery, i admit that sometimes i am not a brave person. I was also not a brave woman. I'm late for taking decisions, so those good chances just flew away. I even can't handle myself for being scared to insects (i hate it the most)  But... I learned! Now, i am more a self- motivated person. If i started to think that i'm not brave, i'd think of the oppsoite that: I am brave! The one who can change yourself is YOU, not other people. Self- motivation is powerful. You just use your own mind to control yourself. Remember, you can control yourself. You can control yourself to be success, or to be a loser, you are the one who decides!

By doing seld- motivation, you will understand yourself more and you can also handle yourself too. Self- motivation guides you to see things more clear and encourage you to be a better person. Example:
Imagine you are in school, studying math subject you really don't like. how to self- motivate yourself?

First, you MUST throw away your negativity about math. Throw that "uh this math thingy is very hard" or "would i even use it on my real life?" Trust me, just throw first!
Second, begin to think you can. Simple, you just think that you can. "I am able to finish this because i have brain. brain can solve things, so do math!"
Third, motivate yourself! "Come on, if others can do this math, you should be able too! What are the reasons that you can't?? Solve them!"
Fourth,try and do your best. never stop, just try to do it well and maximal. Don't chase only for the result (read: score), but chase the learning process!

Hope you guys can do your best!
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Thelma A. Kisela


  1. ihiiiyyy asiiiik nih syle nya sukaaa :*

    1. hahaha! Kostum nari kemarin nih son.. thank you.. <3