Sunday, 17 May 2015

Dress the Summer Vibe

Hello! I realized for the lack of blog posts this last 2 months, been having a very hectic schedule during it! I'm preparing a new collection at AmyGo, sure it is with high quality material and great workmanship. The new collection is fresh, young and you can feel summer energy in the prints!

There are 4 pretty colors: Deep black, Willow Green, Yellow and mint green. I am wearing min green color in this blogpost! Full collection can be seen on @amygostore Instagram.

I am so excited to run online clothing business. Since i love fashion very much, i also love styling and designing. If i am not an entrepreneur today, i would be a fashion stylist! I love arranging fashion shoots, lookbook concept, make- up theme and so on. I guess i have an art blood ;) Yet, it is very lovely to un a business that suits the passion. Thank's God i've found mine!

I enjoy hectic weeks and busy days. in fact, i hate the moments if i ended up at home doing nothing. I feel guilty and if i am not productive. I must gain or result something! I guess i'm a bit workaholic... Well I should stop. But again, since this is the passion, i can't even stop thinking about this. My brain keeps on working and i enjoy it! I don't feel tired at all. Hope these clothes can bring you the satisfaction and a great feeling wearing clothes!

I'll post more on blog. I love writing and beautiful photos as well! ;)

All pictures were taken by my brother: Gary Aruana Kisela

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