Thursday, 16 June 2016

New Way to Wear Monochrome Outfit

Halo halo halo again dearest readers!!

First thing first, i'm going to tell you on what excites me these past days!! I and my 2 other friends Rindang and Ci Kristin are officially launched our new business called Jewel Beauty Indonesia. Now we have the eyelash extension service with premium care. Oh, we are also known by our natural and comfortable result as well. Actually, we opened it since 2 months ago but we just launched it to public these days. So happy! You can take a look here now ----> @jewelbeautyofficial

I did this eyelash extension done by my partner Rindang 1,5 months ago. Surprise, it stays last and neat by the time i took these pictures, and also by the time i am writing this post now. Amazing!

I must tell that Rindang is very talented lash artist. Psst, we are going to reveal other services too, revealing soon! ;)

English Breakfast Tea

Trying monochrome outfit with a different way: mixing other neutral colors in one look! I didn't choose white this time and instead, i chose navy and grey! Turned out that this color combo is also perfect! You can give it a try too! You must be having navy items or grey items. It can be your purse, shoes, accesorries, watches, hats, etc. Free yourself experimenting!

Because i wanted to make my lace up heels really pop, i made the whole outfit be a bit dark and simple, without accesorries. Only simple earrings and watch ;)

Lace Up Heels: New Look
Linen Sabrina Top: S. Oliver
Flare Skirt: Unbranded

Thank you @stvnar for always have great creativity to take beautiful shots! I must say i always adore your talent and photography skills! :)

Photos were taken at Porto Bistreau- Gading Serpong

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