Thursday, 30 June 2016

Nude Pink Hues

Hi again everyone!!

I'm back after my holiday trip to Bali 3 days ago. So happy! I haven't been in any vacation for the past 3,5 years (i know, sounds crazy!!) so wen to Bali is like a real escape from me! ;) I'll post my photo travel diary soon, but few from them can be saw at my Instagram account @thelmakisela :)

I wore this two tone vest by Minimal and an upcoming dusty pink cullote from AmyGo - I love this outfit combination! Synchronized color pallette, with touch of nudes and pink. Major LOVE!!

GUESS watch

If you follow my Instagram, you'll see this black and white photo with a caption "Business Thought with Thelma Kisela". I'm giving the content not because i'm already a great and well-known entrepreneur, but i chose to spread the thought i have to my followers and readers. The first post is about starting a business. You can read more on my Instagram! :)

As an entrepreneur, i sturggled a lot. REALLY!!!! I sleep only 4 hours per day recently due to my businesses. I believe this will not last forever, because i'm doing startr-ups :) I love the process! As Merry Riana says, "you have to fall in love with the process"! I faced so many difficult situation these times in my business, and i'm on the way to overcome it. But overall, i have so much joy to be in these businesses i run! I am thankful to my Lord for always be with me for all of these times. He is the best, my Bestfriend!

On my next post, i'll share my journey in my start up businesses. Thank you for dear readers, family and friends who always support me! And to those who don't support, thank you too! ;)

See you on my next post! I hope you all have an amazing weekend ahead, due to Idul Fitri Holiday. Happy Holiday and happy Idul Fitri to all of my Moslem friends!

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