Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ring My Bell!


I am very grateful for what i have now, was and even in the future! I am feeling so happy and content. I'm typing this not in my perfect life without flaws, but i have always to make myself be positive and be grateful because Lord is very kind, able and good!

A reason why i am busy these days is because i'm having many projects to do! I also started new business with my 2 dear friends, we collaborate to start up our own beauty center. So excited, can't wait to reveal to you soon!

I also prepared so many exciting projects to my brand AmyGo, this fashion blog and arranging giveaways! ;) Alongside, i also get involved in business and fashion community, going to fashion events and running to meetings. I am very excited and feeling energetic!

Bell Sleeve Top from:

Do you realize that one of the hit of this season is bell sleeves top? I understand why this cutie owns the attention! It gives statement but with minimum effort. A lot can be paired with bell sleeve tops, and instantly looking gorgeous too! It is actually a really simple staple if you always prefer to dress simply.

Because i wore bright color as this lovely fresh orange, i toned down a bit with white flap skort. I always don't like the outfit if it is too plain, so i added this cute feather chain necklace. This one is my fave, bought around 4 years ago in Brisbane. Haha! Sooo long time ago, but still nice!

Every day is the new beginning, we must learn something through the day. Today i learn to joy in every conditions i am in now, and always saying grateful and give thanks to God for what i have now, not for what i haven't. In the end, the most important thing in this life is how to glorify God and be a blessing to others. How our spirit will enlighten others, how our thoughts will inspire others and how our sayings be remembered by others. Don't chase something that is according to this world. Your life is much more precious to chase another thing that is more important.

See you on my next next next posts! xo

All beautiful photos were captured by Steven

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