Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Jewel Beauty Indonesia: The MOST NATURAL Eyelash Extension in Indonesia!


Hi peeps, how are you?? I am insanely extremely busy right now, as i'm going to submit my internship report within 6 days. Haven't finished yet :') I am working my ass off as fast as i can to finish it. Well, this internship report is like a thesis. I gotta submit before my defense and to accomplish my degree. Wish me luck! :)

Wearing this nude chiffon blazer from Cotton Ink paired with Kyla Maxi Cullote from AmyGo: Dresses all in baggy because why not? Comfortable is the priority! ;) To keep it in elegance, i keep the rest of my outfit neutral with a minimal accesories. I added a beaded choker only to make the outfit less plain.

I am  now obsessed, attached, and can get enough of lash estensions made by the one and only Jewel Beauty Indonesia. If you ever wonder eyelash extension woul be not natural, heavy, looking too much make up, or too much more like falsies.... Jewel Beauty Indonesia definitely is not! I tried twice their service and.. super satisfied. Jewel Beauty Indonesia is No. 1 the MOST NATURAL & LIGHWEIGHT Eyelash Extension in Indonesia. Whoa, no wonder! I can be super gorgeous but still look natural. Curious?

Hit this --> @jewelbeautyofficial to find more! You should try it by yourself!!

I've done eyelash extension before, but none is as natural as like Jewel Beauty Official did to me. My origin lashes is still healthy, not fell off nor damage! Awesome. This is the best eyelash extension service so far!!

Eyelash Extension done by Jewel Beauty Indonesia - 
Chiffon Blazer: Cotton Ink
Kyla Maxi Cullote in White: AmyGo
Strap Block Heels: New Look

All photos were taken by @stvnar

I'll see you guys in another post! Meanwhile, be right back finishing my final report as i'm going to do the defense just in few days from now! See you all!

xo :)

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