Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ultimate Basic Outfit

Hello friends!!

My ultimate outfit whenever i feel effortless and plain (and a bit lazy, haha) is just simply go for blue jeans and whites. But, to make it not too plain. i added beanie, bangles and a pair of white platform. This shoes is my new favorite! Very comfortable. It is a gift from my uncle and his wife. Thank you!

Finally, just got myself a new pair of perfect skinny jeans. Mine before was very old, since i was in junior high school and now still fits! haha, crazy! It's from Uniqlo ;)

Made a visit to a newly opened coffee shop where my friend Michelle works there, called Coarse & Fine. During the Eid day!;) I came here with Sonya and her mom. Lovely afternoon!

Have a joyful Eid for those who celebrates and happy holiday!

Sonya and I

Michelle and I

 White Platform

Till my next post, friends!! xx

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