Thursday, 21 July 2016

Business Appropriate Outfit

Being appropriate during your business meetings can help you feel confident through out the day! Great outfit makes our physical appearance seem ready and showing respect. As i go through my businesses, i learn day by day how to dress well according to the activities of the meetings. This kind of outfit is suitable for day formal meetings! Wear your bright or soft pastel color and finish the whole look with blazer. ;)

White Blazer: Sho Style 
Pink Dress: PICNIC
Strap Block Heels: New Look

Just go simple with minimal accesorries. I chose this simple bead necklace matched with the thin bangle, bought in Bali. Rings are still okay too! Tips: when it comes to attend formal meetings or occassion, do not make your whole appearance be distracted by glitz and huge accessories, unless you are attending a fashion week meetings ;) Keep being simple and modest too! Talk about the first impression :)

I am loving thios outfit combination a lot! Never be a mistake when it comes to pastel colors and white. Loving the crisp blazer as well, gives the sleek feminine look. What do you think of my outfit?;) Don't forget to comment below too and follow my updates in blog soon!


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