Monday, 11 April 2016

OOTD Competition: Encore Bazaar 2016 at Senayan City

Hello guys! How are you? Hope you all are doing really great!
Long time no blogging, because i've been crazily, extremely, insanely busy! Just finished my 8th term, did marathon pop up booth for my brand, photoshoots, projects, meetings, etc. I even got sick duri8ng these days because i was too exhausted.

Weeks ago, i won 2nd place at OOTD Competition Encore Bazaar! A good friend of mine, Sonya also won the #rd place. Hooray, congratulation to us! My present was Michael Kors wallet and i love it! The competition began with each contestant come forward and being interviewed about outfit, personal styles, fashion influencer and stuffs. All the contestant must do catwalk to present their style. Whoops! I didn't prepare anything to do catwalk, but thanfully i nailed it :D

My outfit of the day!

Meet the Judges: Anastasia Siantar (Fashion Blogger) & Luna Maya (Indonesian Celebrity)

Happy face seeing the gift is coming! Hahaha

1st, 2nd, 3rd Winner

With the judges and all finalists

Came here accompanied with...............................................

Thank you for your endless support dear!

White Sleeveless Shirt: AmyGo-
Floral Maxi Slit SkirtPaulina Katarina
Block Heels: New Look

Love the maxi slit skirt so much: it adds instant dramatic effect when i step. Flowy fabric with lovely floral prints! Because the theme requested by Encore Bazaar was Spring Style, i decided to wear this skirt. The floral print represents spring, while white color is just perfect for a sunny day. I usually always don't wanna go with too simple outfit, so these slits are everything. Spring and sunny day were always a corelated situation ;) Being simple, i just added my minimalistic white block heels and hoop earrings to complete the whole look!

Sonya, Titin and Me

What do you guys think about my outfit post/; Don't forget to comment down below too, i'll see you guys on my next post! Thank you for reading :)

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