Sunday, 27 March 2016

Pleats Please!!

Hello friends!
First, Happy Passover for you guys all! Jesus the King has risen from the death and we carried no burden of sins; we are forgiven and He loves us so much.

If you notice, we've been seeing a lot of pleats nowadays! Starting from skirt, pants, cullottes or even blouse. Pleated clothes were on trend in 70s era, and now it is back with various style! Now, you can just asked your mom, grandma, aunties about this fashion item. They must be had one back then! :D Many types of pleats, i personally don't really like the thin pleats. I prefer medium sized pleats ;)

White T-shirt: HM
Scarf: Mom's
Pleated skirt: Unbranded from Bangkok
Bag: VNC
Nude Pumps: Christian Siriano
Sunglasses: New Look

My skirt here is actually a grey color, but turned out in pictures it is more like soft lilac color. That is why, i picked magenta color scheme for today's outfit. My scarf here is eye catching, but i managed to make the skirt is the point of the look.

I wore this plain white t-shirt because i was confused what should i match with the skirt? First i attempted to wear white shirt, but i ended up looking too formal. I put on outerwear, but i felt i'm going simple today. Besides, today was very humid and hot. I didn't wanna ended up get sweat all day. But.. T-shirt always works! I styled it with a scarf to make it less plain, because today i didn't feel like to wear any necklace around my neck. Voila! The scarf even matched the skirt. Happy!

Ombre Nails

Just realized that my ombre nails even matched perfectly with the outfit. What a coincidence! Hahaha being happy is waaayyy very simple for me! :D It's pink- magenta color gradation, gel mani.

Just put on basic colors here in my whole look like nude and caramel. Nude pump heels are extremely important to all girls out there, after the black pumps. Nude pump heels will work the best almost in every outfit! Plus, longer looking leg illusion ;)

If you wonder, this outfit is actually very simple. You only gonna need plain t-shirt, shoes you love and accesorries to spice up the whole look. Whenever you think you're going formal, just add on a blazer (could be white, black, nude, peach or even grey) and a pump heels. Do invest in basic neutral colors. I myself even started to thik i must get the bright colors too for these pleats ;p

Have fun with your pleats clothes! Tag me in your photos, i'd really love to see it! What do you think about my outfit? :)

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