Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Denim Dress

Hope everyone is enjoying their days! Life should be happy and it's precious, you only live once! You can care and hear other's opinion about you, but don't let yourself listen to all of them, because you just can't please everyone. Just do your best, maximize your talents, be happy, love yourself and love others. We are living in this earth for a purpose. So, what is your purpose? :)

If you noticed, i changed my hair color months ago :p I did toning to my hair, it's dark brown. These pictures were taken just right after the salon visit, so it looked really black here. Now, it faded a little already :) I think this is the second month for me being a dark hair colored girl, but i just thought i'm going to change the haircolor again ;) Any suggestion?

Zipper Denim Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Silver Fringe Cluth: SO NICE
Black pumps: Christian Siriano

Denim dress is long lasting an an essential. Lucky me, i scored this one at Dorothy Perkins Grand Indonesia, just 1 pieces left and it's my size!! Wohoo! Wore this dress couple times, and received a lot of compliments in it. Plus, it also can transform into a vest! I do i do i do really love this! Feeling sexy all the way with this dress. The denim material is a little bit stretch, even it is a shift dress but it still can show your S- shape curve.

So many great photos captured by @stvnar, ENJOY the rest!

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