Monday, 11 April 2016

Healthy Habit with Cold Press Indonesia

"Everytime you eat or drink, you are either feeding desease or fighting it" 
- Heather Morgan- 

Health can't be compromised. Once you got sick, it's a warning that your body is drained. The quote above says the right thing, desease are everywhere and sickness can happen anytime. all we need is to love our body.

Loving ourselve is included loving our own body. What food are you eating? Do you exercise? Are you happy? Most of the people tend to be careles about health; by the timne they will get sick and they will be just realised that after all these times, why didn't i put such concern for my own health?

Just begin with the small step you can do: by eating and drinking healthy. Here, Cold Press Indonesia is one of the most trustable cold pressed juice provider in Indonesia. Why cold pressed juice?

When we blend some fruits in the juicer, it actually can break the cell contained in the fruit so it will not give us maximum performa a mineral should do. Pressed juices are pressed, not blended, so the vitamins and minerals will be just they are! Plus, the mixture of many fruits can taste really good eventhough you mix 4 fruits with veggetables. Originally, i can threw up *ups, sorry!* drinking veggetable and fruit juices in one amount together. I just even can't handle the taste!! Luckily, Cold Press Indonesia's juices taste really really nice! No persevaties and sugar added, as original and pure as it is!

They provide us bottles with numbers; number 1 is the bottle we need to drink first. I took this detox juices program to rejuvenate my skin and maintain my body. First bottle: Green Boost that contains pear, orange, cucumber, lettuce, spinach and kale. Surprisingly, even though it tastes like veggies, but it left sweet taste too! I ended up love it too.

Psst, actually before i started the detox program, i fell sick. It's a very very bad diarrhea, i even can only lay myself in bed whole day. After i got better the next day, supposed that i can't drink too many juices, instead, i must drink a lot of water. Later on when i felt okay, i begin drinking the first bottle, the second and the third. It's okay, i even felt better! Thank's to these miracle juices i had :)

I personally didn't really like the taste of this one, because it contains ginger. I even don't like wedang Ronde (Indonesian dishes that contains ginger and taste sweet) :') But, if you do love ginger, this will be no problem at all because it just tastes subtle, dot dominating. It is just me who dislike ginger, i can taste and smell it even just in the small amount.

Cold Press Indonesia also gives statement and explanation how to handle in storage to these healthy juices. Great!

My FAVORITE FLAVOR!!!!! Longevity: contains blueberry, cucumber, pear, apple and grape. Whoa, i can imagine myself become very fresh and healthy while drinking this ;D I drank it cold, freshly out from the refrigerator, taste even better!

I have no problem at all maintaining my weight, because i am a typical skinny girl who can't get fat even i eat extremely a lot for a girl's portion. All of my close friends know this fact! Can't get fat doesn't mean i am free from cholesterol and fat. I need these juices and healthy eating lifestyle to maintain my body and my skin glow. When you're healthy, the inner beauty and happiness will reflect on your face and body. Busy days wouldn'y bother your health, you can stay fit throughout the day!

Another favorite flavor!

Comes in mini sized too, i really really love the taste of the package! It really tastes good, natural sweet and fresh. The third day of my detox program and i'm getting better!

Follow Cold Press Indonesia's Instagram: @coldpressid to view more updates too. My experience with Cold Press Indonesia is just awesome, and can't wait to hear yours too! Reliable healthy lifestyle with Cold Press Indonesia, healthy day: checled!!!

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