Sunday, 26 July 2015

Hot Pink Lipstick!

I know! So lack of posts these days.. I feel guilty over myself because i left this blog for too long! I miss blogging :') Been sooooooooo busy like crazy with my uni life, yet i still have to manage my online fashion brand! I love to work (i think- a bit workaholic) and i love keeping myself busy. If i ended up at home for just lazying around on bed, i can feel GUILTY, like "oh my, why am i here doing nothing? I'm young, i should make an impact or do something worth and useful!). Yep, call me workaholic then :p

I LOVE any kind of lip products! Either it's a lip balm, lipstick, lip tint, lip scrub, you name it! This time, i got my new cute NYX butter lipstick in hot pink from Beauty Store Indo (Instagram: @beautystore_indo). They sell varieties of cosmetics in affordable price! They can get you USA cosmetics such as LA Girl, Covergirl, Cetaphil, etc. They also sell Sephora, Anastasia Beverly Hills and more!

I am going to post my daily make up here. girls and make up can't be separated- though some girls/ woman don't really like using make up, but once they put them on, i am very sure make up transforms a lot! Make up should enhance your natural beauty, not being a fake one.

Wearing bright color lipstick will make my skin stand out. I look pale if i don't wear any (is it just my feeling or the fact?) but i feel more confident with some color on my lip! That's why, i NEVER leave my home without a coloured lipstick/ lip tint/ lip balm (and off course, my eyeliner and eyebrow pencil hahaha)


Natural looking lashes from (Instagram: @beautelash)

When it comes to make up, i love simple make up. my every day look is using sunblock, loose powder (sometimes) eyebrow pencil, eyeliner (gel/ liquid), and lip tint. When there is special occasion, i add peach blush, natural looking falsies and if i am in the mood, i'll use my BB cream. Since i have a sensitive skin (acne and blackheads are like my best friend, even though i don't wanna be friends with them -.-), i avoid using too much skin cosmetics such as BB cream, foundation, powder, blush, etc. so sad, because actually i really love to use BB cream and blush. They make your skin glows, hiding the tired face!

Falsies are my fave! I love the natural- thin looking one. Just add mascara, and eyes opened wider! ;)


Tadaaa, loving the result! The texture is just lovely! you will not feel like you're wearing heavy lipstick on your lip. The color also pops, instantly brighten up my whole face. I love this kind of pink color, this gives you some feminine look, but still colorful. You can either wear this color for day and also night!

If you'd love to, you can also lining up your oter lip with a pencil lipliner, for more defined looking and fuller lips! I am sure for some woman, lips are the most valuable assets in body, besides hair and skin, right? ;) Don't forget, best make up you can wear is SMILE! Smile more, for the world is beautiful and full of blessings!

Cheers! Till' we meet on the next post!

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