Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Yellow Mellow, Salem Calm

Actually, not really my first post hahaha :D Since a looongg time ago i wanted to start a blog, especially talking about my passion in Fashion, besides business ;)

So now i'm a newbie blogger, i guess? will keep learning! I do a lot of stalking blogger's account in their blog or twitter or instagram, i found they had so much fun in it! Not easy to maintain a good and a recongnizable outfit. But i think if we do it because we love it, and it is our style,  it wouldn't be so stressful to do ;D

Outfit photos was taken during my high school year book photoshoot on April. My hair was still black back then, now mine is brown (not sure what's the name of the colour because when i went to the salon i pick 2 colors and told them to mix it. hehe ;) These photos were taken at the garden and me and my friends really forgot to put the essential and important thing: Mosquito anti lotion T.T So we went home with legs full of mosquito's bites. Uh you pity girls..

Decided to wear colorful outfit because the theme was "Picnic- Indonesian Food" so we took the pictures showing varieties of Indonesian food. Mine was pempek, and when the photoshoots are done, we are too excited to see the photo previews on camera and the pempek was left behind ;p

Chose the Yellow colored cardigan because it covers arm nicely and the bright colors really pop! Instead of mellow, we should be  happy and mostly in a good mood because you know, positive mind leads you for a brighter day! 

Also can't forget the dress, i remember when i bought it i was like 'oughh well this is not really me" but when i put it together with the cardigan, began to love it :p The salem colour is in soft hue, so will calm down the eyes because the yellow popped already. Be calm, because an empty positive calm mind and heart will prevent you from something you don't wan't to happen.  

Love the color combination of it and it gave me some girly attack feeling  hehe*.*

 Added a flowercrown which was my friend's, put that pinky butterfly earings.

So here comes the headband. It is from wire and colorful beads. Plus, a creme tiny belt to give more shape on my waist.

Last touch, put a satchel bag and sequin white wedges.

And by the way, this was a coincidence that all of my outfit here are unbranded except the wedges.
Cardigan, dress and bag was bought in Mangga Dua.
Wedges is from Buccheri.
Headband was my friend's handmade.

Lesson: Fashion doesn't always come with branded items or luxurious things. It comes in various brands,materials, fabrics, qualities, shapes, styles, and everything. Explore it!;)


  1. i like your outfit color :D