Friday, 2 March 2012

Busssyyyyyyyy!!!!! but happy!

Hello again, after maybe a week i haven't post yet, it was such tiring week, never thought that i would be in that exciting dizzy ;D
well i joined Bussiness Plan competition which was held on 25-26 Ferbruary 2012 at Living World Mall Alam Sutera. It was on weekend, so it was very crowded. 

I also took Participant in Talkshow with Budiyanto Parma, the writer of Love Sucks (If you don't know anything about love) and it was such a great opportunity1 Thanks to my best school Stella Maris:* Talking about love in our young age, with Mr. Indri as moderator, we completely was talking about LOVE, something from the past still now still exist 0.0 It was on Saturday 26 Ferbruary 2012.

Talkshow with Mr. Budiyanto Parma (left), Mr. Indri (middle)


On that Satrurday also we (Me, Vania and Nita) became a finalist of BussinessPlan Competition so we need to open booth for our product. Our product's name is Variety Style Clothing Line (VSCL). We made plans that 1 cloth can be turn to over 24 models!!

There was from other school too, and 3 teams from Stella Maris BSD was also successfully get into final, there were Dicky's team and also Peter's team.

an awkward pose of mide in front of the brand hahaha

Forgot Something!! I slept at 1.30 midnight while Vania and Nita went back home at 12.00 midnight because we were preparing by ourselves what we should put on the booth. Besides, my mom was the one who sew our product and eventhough tailor also helped us, but those was haven't finish until the H-1 -____-

Mom sewed it by herself and i edited the presentation that we were going to present it on stage the next day. That day we were sooo sleepy, couldn't even keep our eyes open, but then, we have to finish it.

Loveliest mom ever. She also stays up late to hel us sewand everything. I see her tired face in this picture. Mamaaaa i send you bunch of my biggest hugs ever!!{}{}{}

So we all were very tired sleeping very late, but the next day we had to wake up in morning because the competition would start at 10.00 am, and we as participant must be on time and be there 2 hours before. 

So we did the presentation in the mall with the judges judging. We explain our product: A cloth that can be turned into 20/ more different models! My mom helped me for the design too, she is the talented mother ever:*

Right before up on stage we took a pray for a while. A pray really helps, because He is the Helper :) We took a deep breath and ensure we are captivate enough and ready. We neated ourselves and dressed up casually- professional look to bring a professional image.

We were pretty surprised that the judges looked excited too see our product when i demostrate how to style the cloth. We present our brand and the marketing techniques and all we can explain. The judges asked a lot of questions and we were happy that we can answer those questions.

We finished and we got down from the stage and waited for the announcement. We didn't expect too much that time because we know that other participants are also capable with their unique products and fresh ideafor their business plan. We got back to our booth and sold all our products *happiness overload* and sold the stuffs we brought such as makeup case, slippers, rings and bangles and etc.

THE ANNOUNCEMENT TIME COMES  and the MC began to call the third winner and they were not us. They called the second winner, and they were not us too.


"The first winner of the business plan competition is variety Style Clothing Line!"

WHAAATTT!!!! WE JUMPED AND SCREAMED HAPPILY and everybody were watching us but hey, we don't care hahaha. We were too happy and excited, like "hey image now is number two, we just won dudeeee!!" And my mom was also screamed and jumped with my friends back there hahaha LOL!

Sorry for the blurry pics because my mom was too excited when she took this haha. And we won scholarships from universities, training program, bonus point reward to open an online shop in Rakuten, and the most excited prize was a trip to Universal Studios dor 2days wohoooooo!!!

 My lovely kind beautiful mother :*

Here are some of the photos during the trip:

 Universal Studios Singapore


  Marina Bay Sands

 Bugis Street


Orchard Road

Busy, Tired, but so happy and grateful. Thankyou very much God feel so much grateful:)

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  1. Terima kasih untuk inspirasinya. Salam kenal. Saya lagi buat Audisi Mitra Pengusaha (akan kelola dana rp 1 miliar).