Wednesday, 8 March 2017


March already!

By typing this post right now, i just got back from super packed schedule today. Last night i attendedmy friend's birthday untill midnight, so i ended up find myself hard to be awake at 6 to drive my sister to school. Continuing the day, i got to visit suppliers, meetings and etc. The bad traffic is always sucks!

These photos are taken days before, but seeing these bright colors really help me to brighten up my mood again! Wearing bright colors will make yourself look fresh and less boring.

I super love this cropped pants! Welcomin my 'leaner' legs ;)

Wearing my current fave silk scarf from Calla Atelier. The print is beautiful and i matched it with a cropped capri pants in red. To make it into one tone, i added a simple textured white top and strap block heels in red. I didn't wanna go all in red and white, so i carried my tan hobo mini bag with me ;)

Silk Scarf- Calla Atelier
Cropped Capri Pants- Forever 21
Red Strappy Block Heels- New Look
Hobo Bag- VNC

Speaking about bright, i have a thought. These days (and years, i think) i have been so busy. Very, very busy. Being a student- preneur requieres me put so much effort in things i do; where i balance both life as student and entrepreneur. Now i am graduating soon- i've finished my thesis defense on September2016 and complete my study in 3 years. I am graduating soon on June 2017- which is less than six months to go.

Graduating is just a term of ceremony. The deeper meaning from graduation for me is to take and do more responsibilities as an adult, to do things right and pursuing dreams and make them all happen.. I often hear people sayings about graduation: "life's getting more serious!". I personally doubt this statement because hey, where've you been? Life is already a serious  thing since the beginning; ever since we live our parents/ family never take us for granted. So why would people  think that graduating means life become more serious? Life is already a serious thing, including our study and our responsibilities as a student. :) Never take anything for granted and think it's not serious thing.

Big steps come from the small steps. If you are great in doing small steps, God will trust you to do big steps in your life. By graduating, or stepping into new chapter, just  keep going and think seriously. But don't forget to have some fun too in your life ;)

Bright future is from God and it also happens if we do the right things; according to God's will and just believe that God's plan is always  the best.


What do you think about my look?;)
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