Tuesday, 3 January 2017

10 Things I Learned in 2016

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Can't believe it's 2017 already.. 2016 passed by line a blink of an eye! Last December i only posted 1 blog post, not because i don't want to, but i went to South Korea for holiday ;) I just got back home yesterday and managed to find some time to blog today.

Actually there are a lot of things i learned in 2016, but let's just sum it up into 10 things. Let's begin!

1. Prioritize Things
2016 has been a hectic year for me. As a young entrepreneur and a college student, there are extremely a lot of things to do. I began to list and write down all things to do in my notes to keep me organized. I set on my work timeline, my own deadlines. I also plan each day on what to do that day. This really helped me a lot to stay productive.

2. You don't have to stay 24 hours to get social
Wait! I am not saying this like we don't have to be there when our friends need us. But.. we only have 10 fingers, 24 hours a day. 8 hours is used for sleep, and the rest we got works to do. Of course we can't stick with our phone (Whatsapp, LINE, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, SMS, phone calls) all the time. I ended up can't reply all the messages one by one. Not because i am arrogant, but i think we have to communicate efficiently too! :D

3. Pressure is Always Good
I am a young entrepreneur, started my businesses from zero. I faced so many struggles, so many hard times. I learned that this pressure keeps me on the right track. With pressure on me, i have to be responsible. So i can face pressure with open heart and mind with God. 

4. Be Careful of Fake People
Be careful means don't get into these kind of people too much. Don't be too engaged. I found up a lot of people showing love and care because they have bad intention, not the sincere one. I am ok to be friends with anyone, but experience told me don't be too engaged. Just stick around with people who gives you positive vibes ;)

5. Followers & Likes are not everything
I see youngsters nowadays got so stressed because of their Instagram feed. They got stressed out when the likes they got is so little (in their circumstances). They even got conflict when one people unfollowed them. What's wrong with unfollow? It's everyone's free will to see who in their Instagram feed. So let's just be chill! :) Some people even told me that Instagram followers are so important to a business account. Well, i don't say no, but i also can't be 100% agree. Our business is not depend on how many followers we got on social media, it's so much more beyond it. 

6. Spend time with family
Yup! I always try my best to spend time with family. It's sop enjoyable when each of us can gather together and have some great times!

7. God is always with us
So many hard times during my college years. I was juggling between my college, homeworks, tests, internship and final defense. I also was juggling between my businesses. And family. And relationships. There are so many times i ended up being so stressful about the future. So many bills to pay, so many responsibilities i was taking. So many times i failed! In the process, i always feel God is here with me. He is real, he helps me through all things. He blesses me and i am forever thankful to Him. His help never be late. NEVER! Always in time when i needed it. Praise the Lord!

8. Appreciate little success we had
I frequently forget that success is always about great things happened to me. Now i am more open minded that i must appreciate little things. I must embrace the failures i have, but i should always cherish every little success things i made too. For example, when people told me i dress up nicely today. Or when i had a very complicated customer ;p Or even if i can make time for my loved ones. Embracing little things make us happier. You should try!

9. Always try to get inspired and inspiring others
Because these really helps me get passionate in everything i do! We live to be a blessing fort other. We live for God! These are things that make me stay awake.

10. Appreciate and be thankful for your friends
Friends are gift from God. We are nothing without them :)

How about you? Do you have the same thoughts or have your own? Tell me yours and let's be a better person in 2017! New Year, New Us :)

See you on my next post!
All photos were shot beautifully by @stvnar <3

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